How To Match A Motorhome To Your Lifestyle

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 30 May 2023


Do you find yourself spending hours researching motorhomes for sale in New Zealand but still feel confused about which one is right for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Buying a motorhome is a big investment. There’s a lot of choice and a lot to consider! In this helpful guide, we simplify the process of deciding on which motorhome is right for your lifestyle.


But first, the benefits of choosing a motorhome over a caravan 

One of the first questions potential new RV owners ask is, “Which is best, a motorhome or a caravan?” We find that many buyers prefer to opt for a motorhome or campervan. Here are a few reasons why:

Convenience: Unlike a caravan, motorhomes are incredibly easy to park up with minimal set-up to worry about. It’s generally much easier to level a motorhome than a caravan, and you don’t have to worry about space to park your tow vehicle. Speaking of tow vehicles …

No tow: The thought of towing a caravan on New Zealand’s many windy, hilly roads is enough to put off many potential buyers. With a motorhome, it’s easier to drive to New Zealand road conditions.

Easy driving and parking: Once you get used to the bigger size of a motorhome, you’ll find it’s very much like driving a car. And if you want to stop on the side of the road to enjoy the view or take a photo, it’s much easier in a motorhome than a caravan. The same goes for parking at supermarkets or shops en route to your destination.

One vehicle: Unless you already have a hefty tow vehicle, you may find you need to upgrade your car before you can tow a caravan. That’s an added expense many would rather do without.


 Motorhome in sunset with stunning view


Common types of motorhome owners 

Most motorhome owners fall into one of five travel styles. Let’s take a look at each:


Family travellers 

Family holidays in a motorhome provide a wonderful opportunity to make some treasured memories – without breaking the bank. With your accommodation and transport all in one, the whole family (including the dog!) can discover new places together with all the home comforts at hand. Leave the computer and TV screens behind, bring along a ball and a barbecue, and you’re all set for fun family time.

Family chilling in motorhome



For many, retirement is a time to travel and see parts of the country they’ve always dreamt of visiting. Motorhomes are ideal for retirees for a multitude of reasons. A motorhome has space in the cab to stretch out during long drives. You have all the comforts of home onboard including bathroom facilities. And you’ll find lots of opportunities to meet and socialise with other like-minded travellers.


People that live in their motorhome full-time 

Ever thought about ditching your bricks-and-mortar home (and mortgage!) for one on wheels? Living in a motorhome full-time appeals to a wide range of people – from families with children to individuals who can work from anywhere, to retirees ready to live the dream. There are certainly many benefits to this way of life. There are no home ownership expenses, you can enjoy a change of scene anytime, and every day holds the promise of a new adventure.


Outdoor adventurers 

New Zealand is bursting at the seams with outdoor adventure opportunities. From mountain biking and white water rafting to multi-day hikes and canyoning. With many of the country’s best adventure spots in remote areas, a motorhome is ideal. With your transport and accommodation in one, you eliminate the need to find and book motels or to have plans in place when you’d rather be spontaneous. And because motorhomes have plenty of storage space, there’s room to bring along gear such as surfboards, bikes, and hiking packs.


Casual travellers 

If you’re not one of the above, chances are you’re one of the many travellers who enjoy a getaway from time to time. Make the most of those fine weather weekends with nothing to do by hopping in your motorhome and hitting the road. No need to worry about flight timetables or accommodation bookings – or even planning ahead. And because New Zealand is relatively small, you can drive for a few hours and feel like you’re a million miles away from home. Chances are there’s a great beach, lake, forest, or mountain range within a half-day drive or less from wherever you live!


Considerations when matching a motorhome to your lifestyle 

As you can see, motorhome travel suits a wide range of travel styles. But how do you know which motorhome is best suited to you? Here are a few key factors to consider:


Your budget 

First and foremost, decide on what your budget for buying a motorhome will be. Once you start looking at different motorhomes for sale, you might find the temptation to overspend hard to resist. Set a realistic budget based on what you can comfortably afford – including ongoing maintenance – to help narrow down your choices.

If you have a limited budget, a brand-new motorhome may not be realistic. Fortunately, New Zealand has some excellent ex-rental and used motorhomes



How long you plan to travel for 

If you’re just travelling for weekends away from time to time, you may not need a particularly large motorhome with a lot of storage. You may be better suited to a smaller motorhome such as the 3-berth KEA Nomad. On the other hand, if you’re planning to head away for weeks at a time, you may prefer a motorhome that’s more spacious with room for extra gear.


How comfortably you want to travel 

The next question to ask yourself is whether you’re happy with just the basics. Or do you want all the bells and whistles? Some people prefer just to have the basics, such as somewhere to sleep and cook breakfast. They want to get away from it all and live simply. Others like to have all the home comforts such as the nice big beds, roomy club lounge area, solar panels, and TV in the 6-berth KEA Platinum.


Your hobbies 

If you’re into adventure sports, you may want a larger motorhome with more storage options to carry your gear. When you’re looking at motorhomes for sale, be sure to check out the size of the external garage and lockers, internal cupboards, storage under the bed and seats, and options for roof racks.

 riding bikes at Wanaka New Zealand


When you plan to travel 

Some motorhomers only travel during summer, whereas others exclusively use their motorhome to get up to the mountains and go skiing. If you’re in one of these camps, it will influence what you need from a motorhome. For example, you may need a motorhome that is extremely well insulated and with a diesel heater, such as the 4-berth KEA Breeze. On the other hand, summer travellers may benefit from a motorhome with a good awning set-up, such as the KEA River Platinum.


The areas you plan to travel to 

If you prefer staying in campgrounds and holiday parks, you’ll have access to their onsite facilities including power, TV rooms, and communal kitchens. This means you won’t have the need for items such as solar panels, large water tanks, satellite dishes etc. However, if you like to freedom camp and travel off-grid, you’ll need to consider a motorhome that allows for this lifestyle.


How to get further guidance when choosing a motorhome 

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on which motorhome is best for your lifestyle. It’s important to get the right information and advice before you sign the sale agreement. The team at RV Super Centre know motorhomes inside and out. And they’re always happy to help with qualified, expert advice. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and take your time. Buying a motorhome is an exciting time! You’ll soon be out and about enjoying the freedom and adventure of motorhome travel and all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

For more helpful information on buying a motorhome, check out these handy guides:


Try before you buy 

A great way to get a feel for which motorhome is right for you is to try one out. Nothing beats first-hand experience in a motorhome or campervan. RV Super Centre is part of thl who own and operate the popular maui, Britz and Mighty motorhome rentals across New Zealand. This means RV Super Centre can offer a great ‘try before you buy’ option! Rent from thl and if you buy a motorhome within three months of your hire, we'll give you your rental cost back!

try before you buy maui motorhome parked up by sunset

Keen to experience life on the road? 

We hope our guide has given you some helpful insights into how to match a motorhome to your lifestyle. Get started by checking out our range of quality motorhomes for sale.

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