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Blinds and Curtains

Just like at home, blinds over your motorhome windows not only provide privacy but also help to keep the interior warm over winter and cool during summer. Blinds also help to reduce condensation build-up which can lead to mould and mildew growth. Our quality Milenco Universal Thermal Blinds are easy to fit to the inside of your cab windows using suction pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you hang curtains in a motorhome?

Hanging curtains in your motorhome can take a bit of thought – after all, motorhome windows are quite different to those at home.

Most new motorhomes and campervans will have blinds installed within the window frame, but if you’re converting a van or updating with a new look, there are a few options to consider including magnets, Velcro strips, suction pads, tension rods, or fixing curtain tracks – this does involve screwing holes into the interior bodywork though, so proceed with caution!

How do you install blackout curtains for a motorhome?

Blackout curtains are great for privacy, help with insulation, and also mean you can get some shut-eye even when there’s light outside.

We recommend Milenco’s Universal Thermal Blinds which fit to the inside of your cab windows using suction pads. The blinds are suitable for common van models such as Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters, and Fiat Ducatos.