Motorhome Servicing

The RV Super Centre is your one-stop shop for all things RV. With stores located across the country, it's never been easier for you to pop in and have your vehicle inspected by our team of experts.

Our fully equipped on-site Service Centre and Workshop offers a full range of motorhome parts, accessories and servicing, from full repairs to accessory fitting. We offer different service package options: Standard and Deluxe. All service options include a change of your engine oil, oil filter and a 20-point inspection of your vehicle.

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Cost: $250 (incl. GST)

This inspection covers:

  1. Inspect both house and starter battery
  2. Inspect your fresh water tank
  3. Drain your waste tank
  4. Exterior clean (excluding roof)
  5. Inspect tyre tread
  6. Inspect brakes for function & depth
  7. Inspect oil, coolant and brake fluid
  8. Interior appliance function inspection
  9. Hot water tank Inspect
  10. Clean solar panels





Cost: $550 (incl. GST)

This service covers (Certain models may require additional parts/work):

  1. Inspect washers & wipers operation & condition
  2. Inspect coolant level
  3. Inspect coolant hoses condition
  4. Inspect battery condition
  5. Inspect for any engine/warning lights present
  6. Inspect for any underbody leaks (engine, gearbox and differential)
  7. Inspect power steering fluid level
  8. Inspect brake fluid condition & level
  9. Inspect fuel filter
  10. Inspect air filter condition
  11. Inspect all drive belts (excl, cambelt)
  12. Inspect brake pads, rotors & drums condition
  13. Inspect steering components
  14. Inspect suspension
  15. Inspect exhaust system condition
  16. Inspect front & rear wheel bearings
  17. Inspect all exterior lights
  18. Inspect windscreen condition
  19. Inspect tyre condition & adjust pressures
  20. Road test motorhome




Cost: $1,110 (incl. GST)

Same as Standard Service (Certain models may require additional parts)


  1. Lubricate door hinges
  2. Scan vehicle for fault codes
  3. Inspect cambelt condition and replacement date
  4. Inspect gearbox/transmission fluid level
  5. Inspect diff/trans axle level
  6. Inspect air conditioning operation
  7. Inspect pollen filter
  8. Rotate tyres if required
  9. Replace air filter
  10. Replace fuel filter


House and Exterior Safety inspections including:
- Inspect Gas and water leak system
- Appliance functionality
- Hot water and heating system inspections
- Non-invasive moisture testing


Full Interior & Exterior Valet (excludes rood wash)







  Warrant Of Fitness (WOF) $69 Location dependent
  Certificate Of Fitness (COF) $165 Location dependent
  Self-Containment $150  
  Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWOF)          $105 Location dependent
  Full Interior & Exterior Valet $399  
  Mechanical Assessment $138  
  House and Interior Inspection $127