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Sheepskin and Wool Products

Add style and comfort to your motorhome with our quality range of New Zealand sheepskin and wool products.

A sheepskin seat cover really is the ultimate accessory for motorhome drivers. Not only do they keep you warm and comfortable in winter, but they also help keep your seat cool in summer – no more uncomfortably sweaty back! With a universal fit and no restriction on side airbags, our Classic NZ sheepskin seat covers are always the perfect fit and come in a range of stylish colour options.

Our sheepskin slippers, seatbelt covers, bike seat covers, and steering wheel covers add a touch of luxury to your travels and make great gifts too!

Classic NZ Safety Belt Cover Black

$ 49.00 NZD

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Classic NZ Sheepskin Bed Roll Natural - 185 x 60cm

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Classic NZ Wire Brush for Sheepskins

$ 27.90 NZD

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Classic NZ Wool Wash 250ml

$ 25.00 NZD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my motorhome more homely?

A great way to add comfort and a sense of home to your motorhome is with little comforting touches, like a sheepskin seat cover. These comfy accessories are back in style and it’s little wonder. Not only are they an absolute luxury to sink into, but they also keep you snug and warm on those chilly winter mornings, and cool and comfortable in the driving seat throughout summer.

How do you personalise a motorhome?

There are a lot of easy ways to personalise your motorhome – from comfy cushions with covers that reflect your style, to photos and memorabilia from your travels. Accessories such as campervan curtains, sheepskin seat covers, colourful bedding, and ambient lighting can also help make your motorhome feel like a home away from home.

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