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Air Conditioners

Travelling New Zealand by motorhome or caravan over summer can be hot work! As the temperatures rise outside, your RV can become uncomfortably hot inside – especially at night. Thankfully, it’s easy to keep cool and comfortable while you travel with RV Super Centre’s quality range of air conditioning units from trusted brands including Dometic, Houghton, Fantastic, and Truma.

A caravan or motorhome air conditioning unit works just like a home unit, removing hot air from inside and releasing cool, fresh air inside. Installed unobtrusively on the roof, our range includes units that are compact, quiet, and easy to operate.

Our popular Truma Aventa RV air conditioner also cleans and dehumidifies the air and has an integrated heat pump to help warm up your motorhome or caravan when there’s a chill in the air.

Not sure which RV air conditioner is right for you, or want to book to have one installed? Contact the helpful team at your local RV Super Centre today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do RV air conditioners use outside air?

Your caravan or motorhome air conditioner works in a similar way to the air conditioner you have at home or in your car. In a nutshell, it works by removing the heat out of the air that is in your RV, expelling it outside, and then pushing back cooled air into your RV through the air conditioning unit’s air vents.

Are RV air conditioners AC or DC?

RV air conditioners, even those that are very highly efficient, draw a lot of power, therefore most are designed to run on AC (mains) power. To find out more about air conditioning in your RV, contact the team at your local RV Super Centre today.

How big of an RV AC do I need?

The size of the air conditioning unit you’ll need depends on a couple of factors including the type and size of motorhome or caravan you have, what sort of functionality you want, and where you want to have it installed within your RV.

For help choosing the right air conditioning unit for your RV, contact the team at your local RV Super Centre today.