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Keep your clothes clean and dry as you travel in your motorhome or caravan with our range of quality laundry products. For a great value, lightweight and compact option, Kiwi Camping Clothesline is a popular choice. We also have a great range of hook-on and expandable clothes airers, washing baskets, and folding ironing boards.

Our leading brands include Artweger, Zempire, Rovin, Camco, and Companion.

RVSC Collapsible Washing Basket***

WAS  $ 49.00 NZD

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Camec Expanda Clothesline

$ 91.00 NZD

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Fiamma Easy Dry Clothesline for Carry-Bike Racks

$ 212.00 NZD

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Hook On Clothes Airer

$ 48.00 NZD

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Joseph Pocket Plus Folding Table Top Ironing Board

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Portable Clothes Airer Expandable

$ 57.00 NZD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do laundry in a motorhome?

Keeping your clothes clean and dry while you travel by motorhome is easy, all you need is a small selection of laundry products (and some sunshine!). Set yourself up with a few basics such as a portable washing basket, an expandable drying rack or clothesline, and some pegs.

RV Super Centre has a great range of laundry accessories to help keep your clothes and towels clean, dry, and ready to use as you travel.

Is a motorhome washer and dryer worth it?

There are a number of modern motorhomes and caravans that now include small washing machines for use as you travel. Whether having one on board is worth it really depends on how often you’ll use it, how many travellers are on board, and how long you’re travelling for. Washing machines take up space in your RV and use a fair bit of water and power, so it may be better value to handwash using a portable washing basket instead.

Having a dryer in your motorhome means you’ll need to be plugged into mains power. Where possible, it’s a much cheaper and more environmentally friendly option to dry clothes on an expandable clothes airer or portable washing line.