Finance Options

At RV Super Centre we care enough to take an individual approach to your RV financing needs.  Talk to our good guides or enquire confidentially to - all approval processing and loan documentation can be completed by email and phone, quickly and stress-free.  


Your options with RV Super Centre financing include:

  • Lower rates and longer terms on new and used RVs than available through most banks or finance brokers.
  • Low establishment fee and no monthly servicing fees. No harsh early repayment penalties.
  • we can process for a pre-approval, or you can put the RV of your choice 'under contract' but subject to the financing being approved with us on terms to your satisfaction - if not, your initial deposit will be refunded.
  • Built-in rental income if you choose the AOP (affordable ownership programme) through Mighway.
  • We're constantly working to offer more flexible plans for consumer and business needs - like up to 5 year terms, and farm or seasonal repayment plans. We can schedule in larger single payments (to add back GST or money from selling your old RV or a property) to reduce your regular repayments and interest.

Affordable Ownership Programme

A smart way to own an RV – With special financing, you now have an opportunity through RV Super Centre's partnership with Mighway to earn rental income when you're not using your motorhome. We store it, clean it, maintain it, and much more. We can package any RV we sell into this programme.