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Keep warm and comfortable while out enjoying your motorhome adventures with a cosy and stylish RVSC beanie. Choose from a beanie only, or have the added extra of a beanie with a rechargeable LED light – perfect for lighting your way around the campsite at night, exploring caves, or when you’re using your hands and can’t hold a torch as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pack clothes in a small RV?

RVs – even larger motorhomes – have minimal space for storage, compared to what you might be used to at home! And because clothes can take up a surprisingly large amount of space – especially winter items – storing clothing can take a bit of careful thought.

The first step to packing clothes in a small RV successfully is to think carefully about what you actually need. It might be nice to have several favourite jackets, but chances are, you’ll only need one. Try to pack clothing that is versatile, hardwearing and can be easily laundered for frequent use.

Try folding your clothes down into smaller bundles, e.g., the KonMari method, to help fit more into small drawers and cupboards in your RV. Hanging shelves and portable plastic drawer units are also a good solution to provide extra space.

Where do you put dirty clothes in an RV?

A handy item to have onboard your RV is a collapsible laundry basket. These can be used not only to hold dirty clothes, but they also double as a washing basket. And when they’re not needed, they collapse down for easy storage.

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