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Broadband Internet

Show off stunning views from your RV when secured to broadband internet. The RV Super Centre has a selection of broadband and internet antennas and modems to keep you connected. You can find recognised brands here including Avtex and Maxview to secure your internet.

Have you thought about taking your office on the road and meeting people along the way? Working from anywhere is not a problem as you can create your ideal RV office set up and engage online while using your phone, smart tv, and laptops.

Avtex Mobile Internet Router/Antenna Kit 12V

$ 1,299.00 NZD

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Maxview Roam Mobile WiFi Cable Extension 1-3m

$ 78.00 NZD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup wifi router?

Make sure you check any important steps or instructions that might be provided with your router. The setup may change depending on the router. It includes finding a spot to put it, attaching the appropriate cables, making sure the correct lights light up on the router, and doing a test to see if it works.

Can you get internet in a campervan?

Yes, you can. It is just a matter of finding a router and wifi system that you can put in your campervan to stay connected on the road. You will find some options that can help with this at the RV Super Centre.

How can I get internet if I live in a van?

If you need internet in a van, you will need to set you can install a wifi internet router system. At RV Super Centre, we have some options that will be suitable for you on the road.

Broadband Internet - Frequently Asked Questions