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Coolers and Ice Boxes

Keep your food and drinks cold while you’re out camping with a convenient cooler or ice box. Coolers and ice boxes are ideal to have on hand if you’re heading away from your campervan for an afternoon at the beach, or for storing the day’s catch from a fishing trip.

Most coolers and ice boxes now have handy cup holders which means they can double as a small camping table – perfect for picnics! But for the ideal 2-in-1 solution for serving up food and drinks, our Chilly Bin/Table Combo with accessories can’t be beaten! Park this handy cooler/camping table combo between a couple of camping chairs and you’re set.

Our great range of Chilly Bin and Vango cooler boxes come in a range of sizes, from 30L – 57L.

Chilly Bin Cooler Box 50L

$ 286.00 NZD

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Chilly Bin/Table Combo with Accessories

$ 242.00 NZD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ice box and a cooler?

There is actually very little difference between an ice box and a cooler, and many people use the term interchangeably. As a general rule though, an ice box is designed to keep contents cooler for longer. They’re often bigger and have greater insulating capacity.

How long will a cool box keep things cool?

The length of time your cooler box will keep items cool can vary between a few hours and a few days depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • Insulation – some cooler boxes are better insulated than others so will keep contents cooler for longer.
  • Contents – packing lots of items inside your cooler will help them stay cooler for longer than if you only have a few.
  • Opening and closing – opening your cooler often will reduce the length of time it stays cool.
  • The temperature of items – pre-chilling your contents (and the cooler if possible) will help keep them cooler for longer.
  • Cooler packs – these are a great idea, especially if you end up with lots of spare room inside.
Coolers and Ice Boxes - Frequently Asked Questions