Why motorhomes are perfect for retirees

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 6 September 2022


Owning a motorhome in your golden years can offer lots of great benefits. Imagine being able to head off and explore New Zealand at your own pace, whenever and wherever the mood takes you. What could be better than jumping in your home-on-wheels and exploring parts of the country you’ve always wanted to see?

In this blog, we take a look at a few of the many reasons why buying a motorhome in your retirement is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! These include:

We’ll also answer questions about where you can buy the best motorhomes, the benefits of new and used motorhomes, and where you can read motorhome reviews.

Ready to find out more? Let’s dive in!


1. You’ll experience a strong sense of community

The risk of loneliness and social isolation becomes greater as we age. When exploring New Zealand by motorhome, you’ll find it hard to feel lonely with so many like-minded RV travellers to meet along the way.

As you travel around New Zealand in your motorhome, you’ll soon discover there is a great sense of community among RV owners. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to join other groups of motorhomers for evening drinks and nibbles. RV travellers love to share their latest adventures and let others know about hidden gems they’ve found along the way.

Many motorhomers make lifelong friends during their travels – friends you’ll often meet again and again in different parts of the country!

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2. You can explore more of New Zealand

We live in an incredible country full of natural wonders. But many Kiwis miss out on much of it due to work and other commitments. Travelling by motorhome in retirement is the ideal way to explore all those amazing parts of New Zealand you’ve always wanted to see.

One of the things people rave about when travelling in a motorhome is their ability to turn down each and every road, to visit small remote beaches, and broaden their horizons.

Retiree Peta Stavelli shares her personal experience about why she enjoys travelling New Zealand in a motorhome.

“I still feel a thrill when a new side-road is rewarded with access to an extraordinary undiscovered place,” she says. “I love parking beside an estuary, lake, or remote beach and putting the kettle on or making a meal to enjoy while I drink it all in. I love that toilet stops, snacks, access to warmer or cooler clothes, or my togs and towel is right there, wherever I am… in my own little home on the road.”


3. You can stay healthy in body and mind

It goes without saying that staying active in our retirement years is important for our health. But it can be difficult to feel motivated to add activity to your daily schedule at home. That all changes when you’re out on the road travelling!

New Zealand has an endless array of beautiful nature spots to explore. And when you’re driving around the country in a motorhome, it is easier than ever to go on charming walks in the bush, along the beach, or in the countryside.

Exploring new places in New Zealand also keeps your mind healthy, as you’re constantly seeing new things, meeting new people, and feeling inspired.

Peta shares with us how her motorhome experience did wonders for her mobility. “During our journey my knee – frozen from years of being desk-bound – unlocked and improved,” she says. “It wasn’t just exploring every quaint town, but also the simple act of getting in and out of the motorhome that magically improved my mobility.”


4. Spending time with family and friends

When you are travelling or living in a motorhome, it is much easier to visit your loved ones. In fact, it’s as easy as turning on your engine and driving!

Because you’re travelling with all your home comforts on board – including your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen – you’ve always got your accommodation sorted. Park up in the driveway or in the backyard – your friends and family won’t even have to worry about setting up the guest bedroom!

While you’re visiting family and friends, you can enjoy spending time with them during the day but retreat to your own space for quiet time during the evening or as needed.


5. You’ll have a great support system if you run into RV problems

If you buy your motorhome from a trusted team like those at RV Super Centre, you can continue to get advice long after you have bought your new vehicle.

The RV Super Centre team are experts in motorhomes and are only a quick phone call away to help out with advice if you need it.

You can also find handy resources on the RV Super Centre website to help you learn tips and tricks for living in a motorhome.

Peta shares her experience of purchasing a motorhome from RV Super Centre. “When you buy a new or used vehicle from a team like RV Super Centre, you establish great relationships with people who understand recreational vehicles,” she says. “And they’ll be more than happy to show you the ropes and talk you through any technical issues.

“On a recent trip, I’ll admit I encountered a small glitch at our first camp emptying our black water (my stupidity – we won’t go there). Fortunately, I was driving a motorhome from RV Super Centre and a quick phone call to their team of Good Guides late on a Friday afternoon put me right.”


6. You can travel on a budget

Most retirees have to adjust their spending once they finish working. That often means making do with a lot less – and one of the first things to get cut is travel and holidays. Because a motorhome combines your travel and accommodation, it is a very cost-effective way to enjoy holidays.

New Zealand has plenty of fantastic campgrounds and campsites that are super affordable, not to mention freedom camping sites that don’t cost a thing. And If you have a dog, you may like to bring him or her along on your holiday and avoid the expense of a boarding kennel. You’ve also got your own kitchen on board which means you can enjoy home cooked, economical meals.

7. Travel full time and forget about regular home maintenance

As you get older, you may find it starts to get harder to keep up with general maintenance and repairs around the home. Tasks like cleaning the pool, mowing the lawns, and home repairs can start to take a toll on the body.

Many retirees enjoy travelling in their motorhome so much that they do it full time! Living in a motorhome simplifies your list of chores tenfold. With a smaller space to care for and an absence of land, the upkeep is a lot less strenuous. There are other great benefits too, such as not worrying about paying a mortgage or rates. [Insert image of someone doing home maintenance]


What is the best RV for a senior couple? 

At RV Super Centre, you’ll find a wide variety of different motorhomes for sale, including both new and used motorhome options.

Finding the best RV to suit your needs will depend on a few factors:

  • Your budget: If you are on a tighter budget, a used motorhome could be a great option. They’re cheaper to buy, and if you choose carefully, you can purchase a great used motorhome that will bring years of happy travelling. However, if money is no issue, you might prefer to opt for a new motorhome and enjoy all the benefits that come with a new vehicle.
  • Space needs: The size of the motorhome you’ll need will depend on how many of you are travelling, and how much space you feel comfortable with. As a general rule, motorhomes range in size from two- to six-berth and from less than six-metres long up to nine metres (or more if you fancy a bus!).
  • Mobility issues: If your golden years have led to some joint issues, you’ll want a motorhome that offers a little more space so you can move around freely. You’ll want to easily be able to get from the bathroom to your living quarters, and onto the bed without any difficulty. Low door entry, electric steps, and fixed island beds that allow space around each side of the bed are also worth looking out for.

To help you research the best motorhomes, it’s a good idea to check out motorhome reviews. You can also head to some of the motorhome shows and expos that take place regularly throughout the year.

Top motorhome picks for an elderly couple 

RV Super Centre has a great range of new and used motorhomes to suit retirees. Here are some of our top recommendations:

KEA Horizon 

The KEA Horizon is a six-berth motorhome with two living areas offering plenty of space and flexibility. This model offers some great benefits to retirees including a low door entrance and the option of having a full-time bed at the rear. With six berths, this motorhome is ideal for those who enjoy travelling with family. The grandchildren will love sleeping in the overhead Luton!

KEA Breeze 

One of our most popular models for retirees, the KEA Breeze, is a more compact motorhome, yet it still offers plenty of internal space. This four-berth motorhome includes a permanent drop-down bed above the rear lounge which can be easily deployed at the push of a button. Read about Allen and Margaret Tonks’ experience with their Kea Breeze.

Enjoy retirement with a motorhome 

Ready to enjoy your retirement to the fullest? Join the thousands of other retirees who are doing precisely that by travelling New Zealand by motorhome for long weekends, weeks away, or even full time. We’ve touched on just some of the fantastic benefits of motorhome travel in your golden years in this blog. We’re sure you’ll find many, many more as you start talking to others who are already out there doing it.

If owning a motorhome sounds right up your alley, take a look at our trusted, quality range of motorhomes for sale. Our wide range of new and used motorhomes has something for everyone.

Not sure if a motorhome is right for you, but keen to give it a go? RV Super Centre lets you try before you buy.

Need more information or advice? Our helpful team of experts is always available to answer your questions so please do contact us for a friendly chat. We are always happy to help!

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