Pros And Cons Of Buying Ex-Rental Motorhomes In NZ

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 20 March 2023


Travelling the country by motorhome and making the most of the freedom and flexibility of RV travel is on the wish list for many Kiwis. However, with new motorhome prices rising considerably in recent years, buying a brand-new RV can be out of reach for many.

With a wide choice of used motorhomes for sale in New Zealand, buying second-hand offers a good alternative. But how can you be sure you’re getting a reliable, safe, quality vehicle that will go the distance?

Ex-rental motorhomes, such as one of RV Super Centre’s refurbished campervans, are a popular option for many. They come with a long list of benefits, plus you’ve got the peace of mind of buying through a reputable dealership.

In this helpful guide, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of ex-rental campervans for sale in New Zealand, and whether buying one could be a good option for you.


What is an ex-rental motorhome? 

An ex-rental motorhome is a rental RV that has been ‘retired’ from service. Before being put up for sale, the motorhomes are given an exterior and interior makeover – ready for a new owner and many more years of happy travels.

RV Super Centre is part of Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) – the largest provider of motorhomes for rent and sale globally. We source our quality ex-rentals through thl’s trusted rental brands – Apollo, maui, Britz, and Mighty. Typically, the motorhomes we take out of the rental fleet and refurbish for sale are between 12 months to five years old.


Pros of buying an ex-rental motorhome 

There is a long list of reasons to consider ex-rental campervans for sale rather than buying second-hand privately, or even brand new. Let’s take a look:


1. Price 

One of the big benefits of buying an ex-rental motorhome or campervan is that they’re much cheaper than new. Saving money on your initial purchase means more left in your budget for buying accessories for your campervan. Perhaps you’d like to kit your campervan out with some solar panels, a TV and satellite dish, or some outdoor furniture. And while you’ll be spending less on your campervan, you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re getting great value for money.


2. Well looked after 

Buying a second-hand vehicle can often mean a lot of ‘unknowns’ about its history. But with an ex-rental, the opposite is true. Each of the ex-rental vehicles sold through RV Super Centre has enjoyed regular servicing, safety checks, and maintenance throughout its rental life. And you can trust that all servicing has been carried out by mechanical experts with very high standards. Each vehicle comes with a documented history too, so you know exactly what has been done to the vehicle and when.


3. Has been worn in 

As with buying any new vehicle, new motorhomes often come with teething problems and a ‘wearing in’ period. When you buy an ex-rental, you can trust that any issues have already been addressed and sorted. You can just pick it up and head away on your first holiday – safe in the knowledge that it’s ready for the road.


4. Guarantee 

Every ex-rental from RV Super Centre comes with a 12-month guarantee. That means you can confidently enjoy your motorhome knowing that we’ve got your back.


5. Finance options 

Buying second-hand through a private sale means having the cash upfront. That’s not always possible. RV Super Centre offer an in-house finance service. You’ll have access to competitive rates and a tailored finance package. And you’ll deal directly with an experienced business manager who will make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. Note, all applications are subject to normal lending criteria. Terms and conditions apply.


6. Try before you buy 

When you buy a motorhome through RV Super Centre, you’ve got the option to ‘try before you buy’. It’s a great way to get a feel for whether a particular motorhome meets your needs. Simply book a rental through maui, Britz or Mighty. Then, if you decide to buy within three months of your rental hire, you’ll receive up to $1500 worth of rental vehicle charges back. Terms and conditions apply.


Cons of buying an ex-rental motorhome 

There are certainly lots of pros to buying an ex-rental motorhome. But what about the cons? In this section, we’ll talk through some of the common concerns.


1. Mileage 

Buying a used motorhome means the mileage could be fairly high. And of course, an ex-rental is likely to have clocked up more than most.

While high mileage obviously means the motor has done more work, it’s important to factor in the servicing history and maintenance. A vehicle with a high mileage that has been well looked after and serviced may be a better option than one with a lower mileage and a poor servicing history.


2. May not have the latest technology 

Every year, new and exciting technological advancements are being offered in the vehicle industry. And motorhomes are no different. New motorhomes may have newer tech than some older ex-rentals.

Of course, this is often reflected in the purchase price. And with the saving made on your initial purchase, you have the option to accessorise your RV to suit your individual needs. RV Super Centre has everything you need to kit out your motorhome for comfort, safety, fun, and relaxation, from appliances and audio gear to solar, plumbing, homewares, and vehicle care. You can purchase online or from one of our stores in Auckland, Christchurch, or Queenstown.


3. May show cosmetic wearing 

As with any used vehicle, ex-rental motorhomes may have scuffs and scratches. The good news is, these are generally just cosmetic. As part of their preparation for sale, RV Super Centre’s ex-rental vehicles are given a thorough clean and refurbishment.


4. More frequent warrants 

When you purchase a brand-new car or motorhome, it won’t require another warrant of fitness until the third anniversary of its registration. Depending on its age, an ex-rental will require a WoF more often:

  • First registered 1999 or earlier – every 6 months.
  • First registered 2000 or later – annually.
  • Motorhomes less than 3 years old – not required until the third anniversary of registration.
  • New motorhomes – after the first inspection, new vehicles don’t require another WoF until the third anniversary of registration.


What makes an ex-rental motorhome different from a regular second-hand motorhome? 

When it comes to used motorhomes for sale in New Zealand, the biggest difference between a regular second-hand motorhome and an ex-rental is in the value for money. Buying privately means you can’t be sure of the vehicle’s history. There’s a greater chance of ending up with costly issues – and that can take all the fun out of your travel plans. A quality ex-rental through a trusted dealership such as RV Super Centre comes with a whole lot of peace of mind. When you drive off the sales yard, you can be sure that many years of happy travels await.


How we approach ex-rental vehicles at RVSC 

Before RV Super Centre’s ex-rental campervans are given the tick to hit the sales yard, they undergo a thorough makeover, both inside and out. As a general rule, each campervan goes through the following process:


  1. Exterior: The first step of refurbishing an ex-rental campervan is a detailed paint and panel inspection. Our team of experts take care of any repairs needed.
  2. Internal review: Next, the campervan undergoes a thorough internal inspection. Any parts that are worn, broken, or missing are replaced or repaired to a very high standard.
  3. Deep clean: Once the campervan has had an interior and exterior makeover and all repairs and replacements are sorted, it’s time for a deep clean. Every square inch is meticulously cleaned by a professional detailer. The end result is a campervan that looks and smells just like new!
  4. Engine performance: Finally, each ex-rental campervan is given a rigorous check by the on-site mechanic. It means that buyers can trust that when they drive their RV Super Centre ex-rental campervan off the yard, it’s ready for years of adventure.


The range of ex-rental motorhomes at RVSC 

Once our motorhomes and campervans are ready for sale, they’re branded under the KEA Signature Series of motorhomes. These are available in a variety of sizes and berths. Some of our popular refurbished motorhomes include:


  • KEA Nomad M700 - 3 Berth: With two dining spaces and an extra fold-out bed, the KEA Nomad campervan provides versatility and space for a guest.
  • KEA Breeze M660 - 4 Berth: For travellers who prefer not to worry about making their bed each day, the KEA Breeze lets you simply press a button, and the double bed retracts up to the roof. With a larger bathroom and two dining areas, this comfortable, compact motorhome is ideal for families.
  • KEA Platinum M721 - 6 Berth: The KEA Platinum offers all the comforts of home, with room for the whole family. Three double beds and a large dinette space in the middle provide a spacious layout for six people making it perfect for a big family getaway. It also includes a large fridge so you can stock up for a long holiday.


Considering buying an ex-rental motorhome? 

As you can see, when you buy an ex-rental motorhome from RV Super Centre, you’re not just buying ‘second-hand’.

You can trust that, not only has the motorhome been well cared for throughout its life, but it has also had every inch checked and refurbished. Take the first step toward owning the motorhome of your dreams – without the hefty price tag! Talk to one of our friendly team at your local RV Super Centre today.

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