Motorhome review: Roller Team Zefiro 295

Author: Malcolm Street   Date Posted: 18 December 2019

In the current world of motorhomes, those designed for one or two people tend to be more readily available in the retail market than four-berth or six-berth units.

However, there is a ready supply of these larger models from the likes of the RV Super Centre. These are a combination of both new motorhomes or as an ex-rental that, in some cases, has been driven a relatively low number of kilometres. Roller Team is one of the brands available. Despite the rather Anglo sounding name, Roller Team is an Italian manufacturer which produces a range of A, B and C class motorhomes, some of which are six-berth motorhomes such as the Zefiro 295 which suits both the rental and retail market.

For rental usage, it’s done about a six-month tour of duty in Britain and a similar time in New Zealand before being sold on.



Just like the motorhome, the cab chassis is built in Italy — the very familiar Fiat Ducato. In this case it’s the Multijet 130 with its 96kW/320Nm turbodiesel engine bolted to a Fiat six-speed AMT gearbox.

The 6.99m (22ft 11in) fibreglass composite body has several distinguishing features. One of these is the luton peak which, although quite large, is also quite streamlined looking. Another is the 0.97m x 0.42m (3ft 2in x 1ft 5in) rear storage area with doors on both sides. The habitation door is on the offside, as is the gas cylinder bin.

The motorhome body colour scheme scores quite well. It is mostly white with stylish decals although the metallic grey of the lower moulding, including the front bumper bar, creates a nice contrast.

The windows are all double glazed acrylics and are a mixture of awnings and sliders – a slight oddity here is that there is only one window on one side of the luton peak – the driver’s side.

zefiro 295


Some motorhome manufacturers seem to have a characteristic interior colour scheme. Roller Team’s, on display here, is a streaky-looking dark brown colour for the cabinetry and a mixture of white and beige for the walls and upholstery. It certainly looks good and has survived the rigours of rental life.

The great rear storage area has dictated the rest of the layout to some extent. The design consists of a double bed across the rear (above the storage bin), an offside kitchen bench, a nearside bathroom cubicle and a cafe-style dinette behind the passenger seat. All that leaves enough space behind the driver’s seat for a large wardrobe but it does mean there’s no point in having swivelling cab seats.

inside zefiro 295



Across the rear, the 1.95m x 1.28mm (6ft 5in x 4ft 2in) transverse bed more or less has its own neat compartment, being bordered on one side by the fridge cabinet and the bathroom on the other.

Ventilation is assured by the offside and rear wall windows, along with the roof hatch. Overhead lockers are fitted across the rear wall and the cupboard above the fridge can either be used for the bedroom or the kitchen.

The bed height is adjustable and there are a couple of steps to allow easier access to the bed when it’s fully raised. However if less height is required in the storage space below, then there is a winding mechanism for lowering the bed which does make it easier for clambering in and out. Up front, the luton bed measures 2.02m x 1.6m (6ft 7in x 5ft 3in) and, given the window and reading light location, is best organised for sleeping with the pillows on the offside. If needed, the dinette can be folded down into a 1.93m x 1.25m (6ft 4in x 4ft 1in) bed as well.

295 bedding


With the Thetford 149L fridge butted up against the bedroom, that leaves the rest of the kitchen bench for all the essentials – stainless steel sink, three-burner hob and a grill/oven below the bench.

Benchtop space is certainly limited but all the kitchen storage space comes in twos; that being two overhead lockers with shelves, two drawers and two cupboards.

295 kitchen


By a little wave of the designer wand, the relatively small bathroom area does have separate shower cubicle, cassette toilet and a small vanity cabinet complete with wash basin and cupboard.

The bathroom’s all-important ventilation is supplied by a hatch above the shower and a frosted window above the loo.

295 bathroom



Six people might find the dinette a bit squeezy but a folding chair or two will solve that problem. Otherwise, the dinette does have quite comfortable cushions and seat back.

For driving purposes, there are four seatbelts. The table can be lifted out of the way if not needed (storage on the luton bed) and there are three overhead lockers.

In the latter case, because of the rising luton roof, the top of the lockers can be used as a bedside cabinet for the adjacent bed. Across the way from the dinette, the flatscreen TV is mounted above the doorway and thus can easily be seen from the seats and also the luton bed, but not from the rear bed.

On the subject of TVs, one of the extras fitted to this motorhome is a Southern Cross satellite dish.

zefiro 295 dining


Six-berth motorhomes often suffer from a lack of storage space. But the Zefiro 295 doesn’t score too badly, helped along by the good sized wardrobe and cupboard space between the driver’s seat and habitation door.

It does limit the cab access a bit but is a good compromise. At the base of the cupboard is where the 12V fuse panel is located – a slightly unusual location but on the plus side, it is very easy to get at!

RV storage


For the freedom camper, the Zefiro is fitted with a 100L fresh water tank and a 105L grey tank.

Two 100Ah deep-cycle batteries and a 120 W solar panel keep the 12V electrics up to speed. Handily the main touch control panel is located above the habitation door.

water level RV


The Zefiro is an easy driving motorhome. Although not having the most powerful of the Fiat 2.3L turbodiesels, the 295 moves along without too much trouble, especially when the idiosyncrasies of the AMT gearbox are catered for.

The motorhome does have a fairly low ground clearance, which is just a little something to be careful of when negotiating steep driveway or deep gutters.


With the generally good storage facilities inside and out, there’s certainly enough for stashing everything a family might need or a couple of folding bikes/golf clubs.

It’s not an oversized motorhome either, which makes it easy to handle on the road and in the caravan park but there’s enough space inside for a family.

And for a retired couple who maybe want to take friends along from time to time or certainly the grandkids, the Zefiro 295 has a lot to offer.

For more information on this and other vehicles or accessories, have a look at some of the vehicles available right now. On the RV Super Centre website you’ll find plenty of tests, blogs, images and video-presentations. Or phone 0800 52 00 55 to speak to an RV expert. RV Super Centre’s Good Guides are happy to assist.

Roller Team Zefiro 295 Specifications

  • Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato Multijet 130
  • Engine: 96kW/320Nm turbodiesel
  • External length: 6.99m (22ft 11in)
  • External width: 2.3m (7ft 7in)
  • External height: 3.2m (10ft 6in)
  • Interior height: 2.09m (6ft 10in)
  • Cooking: Dometic three- burner and Smev grill/oven
  • Fridge: Thetford N3150 three-way 149L
  • Bathroom: Shower and toilet
  • Gas cylinders: 2 x 9kg
  • Battery: 2 x 100Ah

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