Operating your motorhomes house lights and heating

Operating your house lights

  • The house lights operate via the 12 volt power supply. Ensure the isolator switch and light switches are both on.

Operating your heating system

  • If your vehicle has electric heating, it will look similar to a typical electric heater. To operate make sure you are connected to 240 volt power. Turn the dial "on" – increase or decrease the temperature.
  • If your vehicle has diesel heating, it will have a dial close to the main dash board in the house of the motorhome.
  • To operate, turn the dial to the selected temperature.
  • To ensure the system works adequately you must have at least a quarter tank of diesel.
  • Some New Zealand vehicles have diesel hot water and heating systems.
  • Turn the left hand dial (usually has a tap symbol) to the desired setting.
  • Choose these settings for water heating only.
  • There is a separate dial for internal house heating (usually has a set of 3 wavy lines).
  • You can operate both by turning the dial to where there are both the tap and 3 wavy lines.
  • Do not turn the dial to the bottom left or bottom right setting as this will cause the system to stop working.
  • Turn the right dial (3 wavy lines) to operate the internal heating. Allow up to sixty minutes to heat the water.
  • If your vehicle has lpg house heating it will have a different looking dial and system. (Truma or Propex heater).
  • Truma boiler - To operate turn on the lpg gas bottle outside and turn outer dial to heat by selecting the flame. Or cool by selecting the fan setting. The thermostat is controlled by the centre dial.
  • Propex heater – To operate turn on the lpg gas bottle outside and turn left for heating or right for cooling. Move the lower dial to the desired temperature. If the light flashes, the system didn't ignite. Check the lpg and connections.
How to heating and lighting