Lithium Batteries vs AGM batteries: Which Is Best?

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 13 January 2023


Considering getting a new deep cycle battery for your RV? Perhaps you’ve always used an AGM battery, but you’re wondering whether a lithium-ion battery could be the way to go.

In this blog, we take a look at the pros and cons of both lithium batteries and AGM batteries. Both are 12V batteries, and both are suitable for RV travel. But depending on how you travel, one may be better than the other. Let’s take a closer look.

Find out more about how batteries work.


Lithium batteries explained

With a long list of benefits and a high degree of safety, lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular with RV owners. In fact, lithium batteries are also being used often to power many household electronics and tools. They have become the standard for almost all new electronic gear, including electric vehicles.

A lithium-ion battery works by moving lithium ions to create free electrons in its anode. This creates charge at the positive current collector. From there, an electric current flows through the device being powered to the negative current collector.


The benefits of choosing a lithium battery 

There are many benefits to choosing a lithium battery. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages:


Today’s lithium batteries are made with new LiFePO4 technology. This means they are very safe to use in electronic devices at home, and in your motorhome. The batteries contain lithium-ion phosphate, which is non-toxic. It also means lithium batteries are non-combustible and can withstand harsh cold. Find out more about the history of lithium batteries.


Battery management system (BMS) 

Keeping track of your lithium battery’s state of health is made much easier thanks to its built-in BMS. This clever technology helps optimise each cell within your battery. It helps to protect it from overcharging, over-discharging, getting too hot, and short-circuiting. Some battery management systems include Bluetooth capability to allow you to easily monitor your battery from your phone.



Everything you carry in your motorhome or campervan adds weight, including your battery. The aim is to keep your contents as light as possible to avoid exceeding your RV’s GVM (gross vehicle mass). Thankfully, in most cases, lithium batteries weigh up to 50% less than AGM battery varieties.


Great capacity 

One of the big benefits of lithium-ion batteries is that they have an excellent capacity. The recommended maximum discharge of a lithium battery under usual conditions is 80% of its total capacity. You may even find your lithium battery can occasionally discharge 100% without causing serious harm. This compares with just 50% for standard AGM batteries (following best practices for good battery life). That can add up to some considerable cost savings!


The negatives of choosing a lithium battery 

As you can see, there is a long list of benefits to choosing a lithium battery. But what about the downsides? Well, there aren’t too many, but these are worth considering:

  • Because of their advanced technology and longer-lasting lifespan, lithium batteries are more expensive upfront than other varieties.
  • Lithium batteries are also more sensitive to higher temperatures. However, for extra safety, all of RV Super Centre’s lithium batteries have overheating protection, just in case.


How much a lithium battery costs 

The cost of a lithium battery will vary depending on the type and brand you choose. At RV Super Centre, you can be sure that you’re getting fantastic value and the most trusted brands. Our lithium batteries cost anywhere between $945 through to $6590. Here’s a look at a battery from each end of the price spectrum:

  • The 12.8V/100 Ah Powertech lithium battery can provide continuous current of up to 50A, with peaks of up to 100A. This model features an internal battery management system and is an advanced, lightweight, and reliable RV battery.
  • The 36V/100 Ah Enerdrive ePOWER lithium battery with Bluetooth monitor is a technologically advanced LiFeP04 lithium battery that uses a smartphone-based monitoring system.

How long a lithium battery lasts 

Lithium batteries have a significantly longer lifecycle (the number of complete charge and discharge cycles the battery can complete before it starts to lose performance). Although they may cost more upfront, you should expect a lithium battery to last 4-6 times longer than an AGM battery. However, this depends on how well you maintain and care for the battery (it is important to keep it at the appropriate conditions as temperature and a higher discharge than recommended could impact performance or shorten battery life).


AGM batteries explained 

(absorbent glass mat) batteries are advanced lead-acid batteries. They have been popular in cars and RVs for years, and for good reason. An AGM battery works by holding an electrolyte in place that is then passed through a fibreglass mat. Doing so, the electrolyte has a large surface area to touch the plates within the battery without causing any flooding.


The benefits of choosing an AGM battery 

There are many pros to choosing an AGM battery, including:

  • They have been used for many years, so these batteries have a lot of support and are easy to maintain.
  • Compared to lithium batteries, their upfront cost is much cheaper.
  • AGM batteries are easier to install on your own.
  • perform well in cold weather.
  • AGM batteries are spill-proof (unlike traditional lead-acid batteries).
  • They have a long lifespan (compared to traditional flooded batteries).


The negatives of choosing an AGM battery 

There are also cons to choosing an AGM battery over a lithium battery:

AGM batteries are heavier and larger than lithium batteries. A typical 100 Ah AGM battery will weigh about 28-30kg. A comparative lithium battery will weigh 14-15kg. That’s a difference of 50%. Though AGM batteries keep their charge for a long time, they gradually reduce their charging capacity over time. AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging, which can shorten their lifespan. Although they usually charge faster than wet lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries still often charge much slower compared to lithium-ion batteries


How much an AGM battery costs 

The cost of your AGM deep cycle battery will depend on the brand and size you choose. At RVSC, we have a range of excellent value AGM batteries from trusted suppliers, including AA Champion and Camec. Prices range from $340 - $445.


How long an AGM battery lasts 

AGM batteries have a shorter lifespan than lithium batteries. Generally, an AGM battery provides about a 500-charge lifecycle.


How to decide whether a lithium or AGM battery is best for your RV 

It can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming deciding on which deep cycle battery is best for your motorhome or RV. Here are some considerations to help you to make a smark puchasing decision.



With 12V battery prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, budget will play a big part in your decision.

If your upfront budget is lower, an AGM battery may be a better option as they are cheaper to buy. However, because a lithium battery offers a longer lifespan, it will usually be more economical in the long run.


How often you travel 

Because lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and better depth of charge than AGM batteries. This means they are better suited to those who travel regularly for longer periods of time.


Whether you’ll be installing the battery yourself 

AGM batteries can easily be installed yourself.

batteries are slightly more tricky. You’ll need to ensure that any device charging your battery has a charging profile compatible with lithium batteries. This includes power sources such as AC chargers, solar controllers, VSRs, and DC-to-DC chargers.

At RV Super Centre, we can install your new lithium battery quickly and safely. We’ll also talk you through caring for your battery and answer any questions you may have about monitoring and management. To book your installation, just give the friendly team at your local RV Super Centre a shout.


Where you often travel 

Very hot or very cold temperatures can have an effect on your battery’s performance. AGM batteries tend to perform better under freezing conditions. However, some lithium batteries come with a self-heating function which allows them to work just as well as AGM batteries.

If you’re unsure which battery is best for the conditions you travel in most, check with the experts at your local RV Super Centre.


The range of lithium batteries at RV Super Centre 

At RV Super Centre, we stock a variety of lithium batteries and accessories, including the Enerdrive, Powertech, and Artemis Gold brands. Here’s a look at one of our popular products:


Enerdrive B-TEC G2 Lithium Battery 

With Bluetooth functionality, a smartphone-based monitoring system, and a built-in reset button to restart a flat battery, the Enerdrive B-TEC G2 12V/200AH lithium battery packs a lot of punch for its price. Designed for deep-cycle applications where a single battery is needed, this battery weighs just 15 kg and has a life cycle of up to 2000 cycles. Compared to a lead-acid version, it’s 30% smaller, 50% lighter, and offers 60% more usable power.

The range of AGM batteries at RV Super Centre 

RV Super Centre is your one-stop shop for your RV 12V battery needs. We stock a full range of AGM batteries, including Champion, Century, Betta, and AA Champion. Here’s a closer look at one of our popular AGM battery products:


AA Champion Deep Cycle AGM Battery

The AA Champion AGM Battery offers reliable performance in deep-cycle applications. With a sealed design, the AGM battery can be installed and used in any position. It also has a low self-discharge rate and does not discharge corrosive gases. That way, it can be placed closer to inverters and sensitive equipment. This battery requires no maintenance and has a lower self-discharge rate (2% per month) than comparable batteries.

Picked which battery is best for your RV? 

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right 12V battery for your RV. Budget, travel style, and longevity are all important factors to consider. If you need help deciding on which battery is right for you, or you have any questions about batteries, give the experts at your local RV Super Centre a shout. They know batteries inside out and can help you decide which one is right for you.

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