Vehicle Service Checklist

Standard/Premium Service 20 Point Checklist

1. Change engine oil
2. Change engine oil filter
3. Check/Fill brake fluid level
4. Check/Fill clutch fluid level
5. Check/Fill radiator fluid level
6. Visual check of radiator
7. Visual check of cooling
8. Check/Fill power steering fluid level
9. Visual check fan/vee belt
10. Test battery condition
11. Check/Fill/Test windscreen washer fluid
12. Visual check air filter
13. Replace up to 2 standard wiper blades
14. Check seat belts
15. Check/Adjust tyre pressure and condition
16. Check windscreen
17. Cehck/Test side, indicator, brake, number plate and reverse lights
18. Check headlights
19. Visual inspection of exhaust system
20. Visual inspection steering rack

Deluxe Service also includes

21. Visual inspection CV boots
22. Lubricate door hinges
23. Check/Fill battery fluid level
24. Age check fuel filter
25. Visual search for cambelt replacement date
26. Check gearbox/transmission fluid level
27. Check diff/transaxle fluid level
28. Check operation of air-conditioning
29. Replace air filter
30. Visual check suspension