Using water in your motorhome

Fresh Water

  • Most vehicles have a fresh water tank that supplies water to the kitchen sink, shower and basin.
  • To get running water, check the isolator switch is on and turn on the water pump switch.
  • If you want hot water you must heat the water first – refer to the hot water heating section.
  • To avoid running dry, we recommend filling your fresh water tank every 1 to 2 days.
  • To top up your fresh water tank, retrieve your fresh water hose from your vehicle, connect to the fresh water source and place the end in your fresh water tank.
  • Fill the fresh water tank at a slow pace to avoid air bubbles.
  • The tank has an over flow so when the tank is fill, water will start coming back out or underneath the vehicle.

Waste Water

  • In most vehicles with a kitchen sink, and for vehicles with a shower and vanity, the waste water drains into a waste water tank.
  • We recommend emptying your waste water tank every 1 to 2 days to avoid overflowing.
  • You must only empty your waste water into an authorize dump station.
  • To empty your waste water tank, retrieve your waste water hose from your vehicle and connect it to the waste water outlet under your vehicle.
  • Place the other end into the dump station. Pull the lever open to remove the contents.
  • Once it has finished draining, close the lever and detach the hose.
  • The drains in the vehicle are very narrow when compared to drains found in a house. To avoid blockages, do not tip fats or oils or food particles such as rice or coffee grains down the drain.