Using LPG in your motorhome

Using LPG in your motorhome

  • Most motorhomes have LPG supplied to operate the interior stove and hot water system.
  • Some vehicles use LPG for the heating system and bbq.
  • Before leaving, LPG bottle should be full and connected to the vehicle.
  • To start the flow of gas, twist the knob anti clockwise all the way. Then back a fraction.
  • The LPG shutoff valves should be open and parallel with their pipes.
  • In an emergency, turn the valves and LPG supply off.

LPG Stove

  • If your vehicle has a stove ignition switch or rangehood switch, ensure this is turned on.
  • To ignite, lift the glass lid. Select the burner, turn the knob and press downward at the same time.
  • Light by pressing the ignition switch or by using a match.
  • Do not cook on the glass stove cover.
  • The lid must be kept up while cooking and not returned until the surface has cooled.

LPG Hotwater and house heating

  • If the LPG heats hot water in your vehicle, the system could either be part of the main dash board marked Water heater or truma boiler.
  • To get hot water, ensure the LPG supply is operating, that there is water in the tank and the water pump switch is on.
  • Turn the water heater switch on and wait for the red light beside it to go out.
  • This indicates the gas has ignited and is heating the water in the tank.
  • Wait a minimum of 20 minutes for the water to heat.
  • If the red light, next to the hot water switch, comes back on - this indicates ignition has failed. Turn the water heater switch off, check the LPG and connections and try the water heater switch again.
  • Truma boiler - ensure the LPG is turned on. Turn the grey button to 60 degrees or press the on button. Wait at least 20 minutes for the system to produce hot water. If the light comes on, the system did not ignite. Turn the switch off. Check the LPG and connections and try again.
  • Remember – make sure the gas bottle is securely turned off before driving.
How to use LPG in your motorhome