Using 12 volt power in your motorhome

12 Volt Power

  • 12 volt power is supplied by the house battery and supplies power to the fridge, house lights, stove ignition and water pump.
  • In some vehicles it also supplies power to the lcd screen, dvd player, rangehood, outdoor step, awning and toilet flush system.
  • The 12 volt house battery that is fitted to supply power to these appliances is a deep cycle battery, separate to the vehicle engine battery.
  • So if the house battery is completely flat your vehicle will still be able to start.
  • Although the house battery receives a top up charge whilst driving, it is not sufficient to completely charge up the battery.
  • It is recommended that you plug into the 240 volt mains power at a camp site overnight every 1 to 2 days to avoid the house battery becoming completely drained.
  • The 12 volt battery isolator switch must be on at all times to allow 12 volt appliances to operate.
  • Remember – plugging any appliance into the 12 volt socket in the cab will drain the starter battery and could cause a break down.