Operating your motorhome fridge

Operating your motorhome refrigerator

  • Most fridges operate on 12v and 240v power. For the fridge to operate, the 12 volt isolator switch must be turned on.
  • As well as the fridge isolator switch which may be located on the main dash board or nearby the fridge. When you are not plugged into 240 volt power, the fridge will be powered by the 12 volt house battery.
  • The fridge works most affectively when it is not overloaded. The door is securely closed and the outer vent dial is closed. While driving or plugged into 240 volt power, turn the fridge up to a high setting.
  • At night, turn the fridge down to the lowest setting to minimize noise. All other times, set the fridge on a medium setting.
How to operate your motorhome fridge