RV Interior Care & Maintenance

Cabinets and Drawers
The cabinets and walls in your motorhome are constructed from marine grade plywood with a heavy duty vinyl laminate finish and are resistant to water and moisture. All cabinet doors and drawer fronts are vinyl laminate over MDF. These should be cared for in a similar way to the furniture in your home using a quality furniture polish which will help maintain the beauty and shine of the wood finish. 

The carpeting installed is marine grade nylon and is easy to maintain. It can be removed and water blasted if necessary. Hang out to dry in a warm dry area before putting back into your motorhome as a damp carpet can smell. Vacuum regularly to remove abrasive grit. Water based spills and spots should be removed immediately with a damp cloth. Grease or oil based stains and spots should be spot cleaned with a good commercial spot cleaner made for this purpose. 

Ceiling and Walls
Clean the ceiling and walls with a mild detergent in warm water only, using a damp cloth to clean the ceiling. Never use strong chemicals or excessive water / moisture, as either can damage the walls. 

Most countertops are made of high-pressure plastic laminates and are highly resistant to normal spills and scuffs. Soap and lukewarm water or a mild, non-abrasive cleaner are recommended. Avoid use of abrasive pads and scouring powders, which can dull the surface and make it more stain-prone. Always use a chopping block or cutting board when using knives. Pots and pans straight from the burner or oven should be placed on lined hot pads and not directly on the counter surface. 

Laminate Countertops
Dust and clean with a soft, damp cloth or chamois, wiping surface gently. Use pure soap and lukewarm water to clean. Strong soaps and abrasive cleaners should not be used. Light scratches can be removed by waxing with a good quality automotive car wax. 

Faucets and Fixtures
To protect the finishes on your kitchen and bath faucets and fixtures, use only a damp soft cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaners or materials as they can damage the finish.

Flooring, Vinyl
For routine cleaning, sweep or vacuum regularly. Follow by using a damp mop with warm water and clean a small area at a time. Rinse the mop frequently as to not redistribute the dirt picked up. If washing is needed, use a quality product designed for no-wax flooring. To polish the floor, do not use solvent-based waxes or polishes as damage to the flooring may result

Glass and Mirrors
Clean glass and mirrors as you would at home using a cleaner designed for glass. To reduce “spotting” on outside windows, use a squeegee promptly after rinsing with water. For stubborn spots, cleaning with a mixture of vinegar and water is recommended and is safe for most finishes

Fabric and Upholstery
Do not launder upholstery fabrics. Blot up stains promptly and use an upholstery cleaner or mild solvent, depending on the stain. Never soak the fabric and use as little water as possible. Blot rather than rub. Towel dry or have professionally cleaned. Upholstery can be vacuumed regularly using a soft brush attachment. 

Blinds and Shades
Blinds and curtains should be vacuumed regularly with a soft brush attachment. Use of a soft cloth and mild cleaner on blinds will help keep them new looking. For fabric shades, upholstery cleaners are not recommended. Instead, spot clean when necessary, using a mild soap and water solution on area. 

Water and Waste Management
Empty the toilet cassette regularly, wash thoroughly and rinse out with fresh water. Clean the toilet compartment using a non-abrasive all-purpose toilet cleaner and rinse well with fresh water. The grey or waste water tank should be emptied regularly. After prolonged use smells can be a problem due to the breakdown of food scraps in the tank. To help eliminate smells it is recommended to put Bio-Pak or a similar product into the tank via the sink on a regular basis.

Sinks, Tubs and Toilets
Many of these products are made of acrylics, plastics or composite materials and use of non-abrasive cleaners is recommended to protect the finish. Use of harsh cleaning products can cause premature deterioration and/or yellowing of the surface finish.