Can I drive a campervan on a regular car license in New Zealand ?


Yes you can drive most of motorhomes and campervans with a standard NZ full car license.


Does my vehicle need a WOF or a COF?


If your campervan is less than 3500Kg's then the vehicle requires a WOF the same as a conventional family car. This is obtained through approved private garages and vehicle testing stations.

If your campervan is over 3500Kg's then you will be required to obtain a COF. A COF can be obtained from VTNZ, VINZ and on road testing stations.


How long will the batteries last?


All our campervans and motorhomes have a dual battery system meaning that the vehicle battery and house battery can operate independently of each other. Put simply using the house battery will not run the engine battery flat. Depending upon the usage the house battery system can last up to 48 hours without being driven or plugged into mains power to re-charge. If the house battery begins to go flat or lose power, you can simply run the vehicle engine or plug the vehicle into mains power to recharge. A volt meter gauge in your campervan will show clearly if the battery is running low. The 12v house battery will operate the lights, water pump and the fridge which is ideal for short stays and freedom camping. For long stays it is recommended to find a powered campsite to plug in to 240v power.


Where can I empty the grey water and toilet waste?


It is important to dispose of ALL waste water and toilet waste responsibly. Dump stations are located in camp grounds and various tourist site locations throughout New Zealand. For a full listing of all dump stations please visit www.tourism.govt.nz.


Can I park and sleep wherever I want in the campervan?


New Zealand's breath taking scenery and diverse landscape make freedom camping a large part of the Kiwi campervan, motorhome and caravan holiday. To both protect freedom camping for future generations and ensure the sustainability of our environment it is highly important that everyone camps responsibly and observes all local authority freedom camping rules.

There are designated areas set aside for freedom camping and there are specific local government camping bylaws that are designed to protect our natural and beautiful environment for years to come. For more information on where you can freedom camp and the bylaws please visit the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. on www.nzmca.org.nz.


What does Self Containment mean?


A self-containment vehicle is specifically designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants for a minimum of three days, this includes water for drinking and cooking purposes. During this time the occupants and vehicle must be able to operate without requiring any external services or discharging any waste. Waste water is collected in holding tanks stored under the vehicle that can be emptied at a dump station. These official dump stations are connected to reticulated sewerage or septic tank type systems. For more information on self-containment please visit the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. on www.nzmca.org.nz.


How do I join the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association?


Easy, just visit the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. website on www.nzmca.org.nz, click on the home page then click on join us now and you're on to it. The website and membership services offers a wide range and comprehensive knowledge bank of everything you'll need.