Mopeka LPG Tank Level Sensor XL

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Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure your tank is level. If the tank is sitting at an angle, the surface of the liquid will also be at an angle, sometimes causing incorrect readings.

  • Tank Check sensor must be located properly. The black rubber contact pad should be placed on center of the tank bottom.

  • If experiencing a reading that looks incorrect or erratic, sometimes a slight reposition of the sensor will correct the problem.

  • If the bottom of the tank is dirty or rusty it will need to be wipe clean of any debris first. Also the black rubber contact pad on the sensor should be kept clean.

  • The bottom of your tank will need adequate clearance from the surface it is resting on. If your tank sits directly on the ground or other flat surfaces, or if your tank sits on a RV tank tray that has no cut outs, then you will need to add the 3 TankCheck spacers that are provided in the package to the bottom foot ring of your tank to provide adequate space and improved wireless signal for the sensor.

  • If the tank is moving or vibrating it will degrade the quality of the signal.

  • Movement of the tank can cause the liquid to slosh, sometimes causing erratic readings. Readings should go back to normal after a few minutes.

  • It’s typical to see the level change slightly with changing temperature. This is a characteristic of propane as it boils into gas.

  • Tank Check sensor is shipped in sleep mode to preserve battery life. You must press the Sync button on the sensor at least 6 times to wake it up before it will be detected.


The Mopeka LPG Tank Level XL Sensor allows you to monitor the level of LPG using the free Mopeka app on your smartphone or tablet.  You can also monitor propane levels with the stand-alone Mopeka Check Double Monitor.

The Mopeka Check XL Sensor works on larger tanks, from 45kg up to 3750L, and on horizontal RV tanks.


Benefits & Features

  • The free Mopeka app allows connection to multiple sensors

  • Bluetooth signal updates monitor or Smart device with LPG levels (fuel level is updated every 5 seconds)

  • Sensor can be connected to both the app and standalone monitor at the same time

  • Sensor magnetically mounts to bottom of tank

  • Comes with a Quick Start Guide

  • Standard sensors use a single CR2032 battery

  • 3 Year Warranty

Available for both iOS and Android devices


Click here for the link to the manual & instructions

Click here for the link to the instructions showing how to remove the batteries

Click here for the instructions for using the App

For Troubleshooting Tips please click Features Tab

Barcode # 854069008053
Brand Mopeka
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SKU 854069008053

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