About Laika

About Laika

About the Laika brand

Laika is an Italian motorhome brand, founded in 1964 in the hills of Tuscany. With a foundational belief in beauty, luxury and evolution through technology, the Laika is something truly special.

“We believe in motorhome travelling as an immersive and engaging way of experiencing the world – and in the Italian way of enjoying life - That is why we create motorhomes infused with the Italian Spirit, for the mindful, unhurried and elegant traveller” - Laika team Italy .

Where it all began…

“Laika began around 60 years ago, when innovation in technology, space travel and experimentation were the forefront of peoples minds. There was a ‘Reach for the Stars’ mentality and it helped drive change.

​This same feeling, was what drove Giovambattista Moscardini to develop the Laika brand. The name Laika and the logo (a Greyhound) came from the first dog that ever went to space. This led Giovambattista to develop the first caravan in 1964. It was innovative and futuristic ‘Laika 500’. The Upper part of it, could be lowered whilde driving due to a telescopic mechanism. Thoughtful innovation, has since been at the forefront of the Laika brand.

Connecting Tradition with Craft​

Tuscan carpentry goes back to the 14th century, which has meant that the woodwork craft has been perfected over the years, cementing Tuscany as a real centre of excellence for wood processing and furniture production. This is seen in the finishes of the Laika interior. The beauty and traditional craftmanship shine through.

“A motorhome is a moving home. This makes the composition and assembly of the furniture all the more important”

Modern Tuscan manufacturers use their heritage of craftsmanship to build on production of innovative and functional furniture. This really helps distinguish a Laika as a quality and stylish motorhome.