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The New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) was founded in 1956. It is a membership based organisation representing the interests of private motor carvan owners in New Zealand. Members receive benefits including, but not limited to, discounts on services and products, free and low cost overnight sites, a dedicated insurance scheme and a range of handy publications & digital resources. Fellowship, camaraderie, and information sharing are also valued attributes.



Members of the NZMCA enjoy discounts from the association's corporate partners such as Covi Insurance, Noel Leeming, FnF Fuel, etc. Membership give you access to great resources like the travel Directory, a travel App & you'll get the assocaition's bi-monthly motorhoming lifestyle magazine delivered to your door. The NZMCA community is growing fast. You'll have the opportunity to meet over 61,000 new friends on the road.

There is a one-time joining fee of $130 NZD, then the yearly subscription renewal costs $90 NZD.

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Communication: In order to keep members interested and tie the association together, the NZMCA launched a magazine - Stories of member experiences, advertising and information regarding association advocacy are the basis of the current Motor Caravanner.

Environmental: the association has a very proud history of showing leadership when it comes to recognising the vital importance of New Zealand’s natural environment and acknowledging how our activity impacts on it. The association led the charge for Certified Self Containment which has proven to be absolutely visionary in light of the issues and image freedom camping has attracted over the past few years. The stand taken by the association’s leadership many years earlier has placed the NZMCA in a morally strong position to address the issue now. The implementation of the Dump Station program has also contributed to the view of the membership and the association as good citizen with a genuine concern for protecting the environment

Social: from the outset, one of the most popular aspects of the NZMCA's services has been rallies. They have been regarded as a wonderfull opportunity for members to meet and get to know other members and enjoy the company of like-minded people.


The NZMCA website is a great source of information about all things related to motorhomes: event details, Travel directories, lists of authorised camping spots, books and maps, etc.

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