Getaway M700 - Refurbished

Author: Malcolm Street   Date Posted: 26 March 2019


Large van conversions like the Getaway M700 from RV Super Centre in Albany offer a slightly different motorhome experience for potential buyers. They can be a bit underrated in the marketplace, however, their more compact size is often an advantage and they still offer considerable flexibility in the layout. The 7m (23ft) Getaway M700 is build on the Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI vehicle, which is a good base for a conversion as it has plenty of flat floor space inside. This vehicle comes with a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel engine which is a willing performer, and the seven-speed automatic gearbox makes easy work of driving.

Getaway ex-rental

With about 240,000km on the odometer, this Getaway M700 had a fair bit of use on the rental fleet before being refurbished for sale, but, despite that, it’s still in great condition with minimal surface scratches. On the road, there were a few squeaks and rattles when driving along, but nothing that I would not expect and I’m yet to come across a motorhome which doesn’t rattle a little bit! Mercedes-Benz diesel engines are high quality and do seem to run forever but regular maintenance is still required.

Getaway rear doors

Like most van conversions, the Getaway M700 has minimal external storage capacity. As expected, the toilet cassette and the gas cylinder bin are accessible from the outside, however, the only other body cutout, apart from the hot water heater, is for a small barbecue at the rear nearside - a welcome addition! And you’ll be pleased to discover that opening the rear doors gives you access to the space under the rear seats, which is easily large enough for a couple of camping chairs, water hoses, power leads and a few essential tools.

Getaway RV lounge

The Getaway M700 has a fairly simple layout inside. In the rear, a U-shaped lounge offers plenty of seating space during the day, but needs to be made up into the bed at night. Up front, behind the driver’s seat, is a shower/toilet cubicle, which leaves the middle of the van for the kitchen. Behind the passenger seat, at floor level, is an electric space heater, which will be useful when the temperature drops but can only be used when hooked up to mains power.

Getaway RV kitchen

The size of the kitchen bench is a real surprise in the Getaway M700. It’s split in two, across both sides of the van, with the offside bench having a stainless steel three-burner hob and sink combo above and a Camec microwave oven below. Also below the bench level is a full complement of drawers, cupboards and even a slide-out with shelves and cut outs for plates, bowls and cups. Two overhead lockers are fitted above the kitchen, both with roller shutters doors but part of the space of one is taken up by the 240V/12V switch panel. On the opposite side of the walkway, the cabinet not only offers a generous amount of bench top space but there’s also a 110 litre Waeco fridge plus more storage space, above and below. Roller shutter doors are used all round to maximise space.

Getaway RV bathroom

Van conversions usually have a compact bathroom and this one is no exception, featuring a bench-style cassette toilet, small wash basin and a flexible hose shower.

Rear lounge Getaway

In the rear, the most obvious feature are the windows which give a great view of the outside world and the rear club lounge is the perfect place to lounge and watch the world go by. There’s certainly plenty of room for two but, given the size of the swivelling table, a couple more guests could be catered for. Overhead lockers are fitted on both sides for storage and there is the aforementioned storage space under the seats.
The original Mercedes windows have been retained in the Sprinter which means there are no opening windows in the rear. This is just worth noting, depending on where and when you plan to travel.
The 1.88m x 1.75m (6ft 2in x 5ft 9in) bed has to be made up when you’re ready for bed and this is done by removing the table and fitting the bed base into the middle section before moving a few of the flat cushions around. One other possibility here for smaller people is to make up two single beds, which means the beds could be left made up and still have seats for the table. Although there is a large window, there are curtains fitted all round for privacy.

Getaway RV Cabin

Being a refurbished vehicle, the Sprinter’s cab is fairly basic but all the driver controls are where they should be and the rearview mirrors are a good size. If you require a setup which can run Bluetooth or to plug in an iPod or mobile phone, then you may need to consider upgrading the stereo.

Getaway barbecue

The Getaway M700 is an entry-level motorhome but it has all the essentials. Due to its age and odometer reading, the pricing is quite attractive, especially for those who really want a weekend escape machine rather than a motorhome for long term travel. It is also ideal for those who prefer a smaller vehicle for driving and parking.


  • Getaway M700
  • Price: $59,990 
  • Beds: 2
  • Base vehicle: Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311CDI
  • Engine: 2.2L turbo diesel
  • Cooking: Smev three-burner
  • Fridge: 110L Waeco
  • Bathroom: Combo toilet/shower


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