Webasto Diesel Heater Review

Author: Malcolm Street   Date Posted: 14 May 2018


I must admit to being a fan of diesel fired space heaters, the simple reason being that I frequent the snow-covered alpine areas in the winter time and there is nothing quite like being warm and cosy in a motorhome or caravan during evening time. Or at any other time, I should say. Occasionally when it is very cold overnight, a diesel heater can be left on with the thermostat set just high enough to take the chill off the air. A diesel heater can also be used to pre-warm an RV interior whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Like any good diesel heater, Webasto’s works on the principal of diesel fuel being injected by a fuel pump over a glow pin that has reached a temperature of around 500 deg C. At that heat the burning cycle is self-perpetuating and the glow pin is no longer needed. All the burning happens in the burn chamber, but all the noxious gases are expelled to the outside air and the internal heating effect happens by passing fan driven air over the heat exchange fins. An additional benefit of the Webasto air heater is that it operates from either 12V or 24DC and is eminently suitable for any RV.  

Webasto air heaters can be installed both in new RVs under construction and in many cases, as a retro installation in older motorhomes. Feel free to get your head around how RV heaters work here.

Check out the range of heaters below.

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