Milenco Internal Blind Set

Author: Peta Stavelli   Date Posted: 27 August 2018

Milenco has arrived at a universal solution for keeping your cool – or your cosy – on with one-size-fits-all thermal blinds.

These interior blinds are seven-ply with superior thermal qualities. They are designed to be easily fitted to Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Fiat Ducato vans to keep you cosy when touring in winter and to keep you cool in summer. They are generously proportioned to ensure no light seeps in, and not a nano gram of heat seeps out, and the manufacturer also offers a black backed option.

This is music to my ears. I have black curtains in my bedroom at home. These were not my first choice, but since they were new and already installed when I moved in, I decided to learn to live with them for as long as I could. To my complete surprise I have come to love them, because they keep my light-filled corner room cool in summer and cosy in the winter; and they effectively block out the light until I am ready to greet the day.

For this reason alone, I know I’ll love the Milenco interior blinds. But there’s another reason: heat loss through windows can increase your power use by up to 25%. Well insulated blinds reduce the air flow so that cold air cannot seep into the vehicle and hot air cannot escape. The Milenco blind set is particularly well designed. Those seven cellular layers trap the warm air and the extra-wide design of the blinds enables the user to tuck in the blinds at the edges. This dramatically reduces the likelihood that warm air will escape. The lack of this feature in standard blinds is one of the most common mistakes made by conventional designers.

If the current blinds in your vehicle do not have a snug fit around the edges to seal the air in the thermal value will be greatly reduced. That’s a waste of money on so many levels. Conversely, if you want to protect your car from solar damage or simply from becoming a hot box in summer, the Milenco Blind Set will block out the sun’s harmful rays and help you to keep your vehicle cool during the day.

And one of the best aspects of regularly using blinds is the reduction of condensation. Anyone who has arisen to moisture dripping down the walls or windows of a poorly insulated ‘van will be hearing this loud and clear. Water ingress is the arch nemesis of any RV owner. It’s inconvenient, unhealthy and costly to fix. The best bet is to avoid it in the first instance.

The blind set has been designed to be as easy to remove as possible, with grab hooks on the suction caps which enable the user to adhere and loosen them with relative ease. The Milenco Internal Blind Set is a cost-effective solution for keeping cold air and condensation at bay. The set comprises one windscreen and two side window blinds. It retails for around $170. That seems to me to be a modest investment for something that’s easy to install and an ultimate cost saver down the track.

To my way of thinking it’s that stitch in time solution for van owners who want to improve their travel experience all year round.

The Milenco Internal Blind Set at a glance:

  • Cost effective solution for cold and hot conditions
  • Reduces condensation
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Excellent thermal design


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