Top 10 Tips For Attending A Motorhome Show

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 13 March 2023


Caravan and motorhome shows are a great opportunity to research all things related to the RV lifestyle. You may be in the market for your first motorhome, or an upgrade. Perhaps you’d like to kit out your RV with some awesome accessories. If it involves RV travel, motorhome shows are the place to find it! But with so much to see and do while you’re there, it helps to have a plan of attack. In this helpful guide, we’ll share a few expert tips on how to make the most of your next show.


What is a motorhome show? 

Keen to check out campervans for sale or see the latest RV accessories, technology, gadgets, and gear? There’s no better place than a dedicated caravan and motorhome show.

Motorhome shows generally run for 2-3 days and are jam-packed full of all things motorhoming. The shows bring together all of the big-name brands of motorhomes for sale in New Zealand. It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the extensive range of motorhomes, caravans, and RV accessories from many different manufacturers and suppliers. As an added bonus, most suppliers also offer some good show specials.


What motorhome shows are on in New Zealand? 

There are several caravan and motorhome shows throughout New Zealand each year, including:


Covi Motorhome, Caravan & Outdoor SuperShow

Where: Auckland Showgrounds

When: March each year (3 days)

Next show: 17 – 19 March 2023


The Covi Motorhome Show is the biggest motorhome and caravan event in the country. Held at the Auckland Showgrounds, the event runs over a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, attracting keen RV owners and buyers from all over New Zealand. Some of the highlights of the Covi Motorhome Show include:

  • Hundreds of motorhomes and caravans for sale and a huge selection of RV accessories.
  • A grand prize: One lucky visitor will win a trip of a lifetime. The 2023 prize is a four-week RV holiday in the UK or USA.
  • No reserve auction: Bid on a brand-new motorhome and be in with the chance to take home a bargain. $10,000 cashback: Buy a motorhome or caravan at the show and be in to win $10k back.
  • Seminars: These informative and educational sessions give you the chance to ask questions and learn from the leading players in the industry. SuperShow Rally: Held at the Ellerslie Racecourse, stay for free and catch the daily buses to and from the show.


NZMCA Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show

Where: Christchurch Arena

When: May each year (2 days)

Next show: 20 – 21 May 2023


Where: Mystery Creek, Hamilton

When: September each year (3 days)

Next show: 22 – 24 September 2023


The NZMCA Motorhome, Caravan & Leisure Show is held in both the North and South Islands, providing a good opportunity for everyone to get along. The shows are each bursting with everything you could ever need or want when exploring New Zealand in your motorhome or caravan. Some of the highlights of each show include:

  • Hundreds of motorhomes and caravans for sale and a huge selection of RV accessories.
  • Off the Beaten Track Marquee: This is filled with tour organisations and operators with loads of amazing ideas for you to try, do, and experience around New Zealand.
  • Park and Stay: Stay onsite at both the Christchurch and Hamilton venues (for around $10 for the weekend).
  • Seminars: Hear from experts on all things motorhoming and caravanning.


South Island Motorhome Show

Where: A&P Showgrounds, Ashburton

When: February each year (2 days)

Next show: Dates to be confirmed


The South Island Motorhome Show is much smaller than the two shows above. The show has a good selection of new and used vehicles for sale, as well as accessory and market stalls. There’s also an on-site camp which is around $30 for the weekend.


Nelson Motorhome Show

Where: Tahuna Beach Holiday Park, Nelson

When: November each year (2 days)

Next show: Dates to be confirmed


The Nelson Motorhome Show is also smaller but offers a good selection of new and used motorhomes for sale, along with accessories. There are generally prizes on offer, along with food and onsite camping.


Our advice for successfully attending a motorhome show 

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your next motorhome show.


Tickets and timetables 

  • Where possible, buy your show tickets online. The queues to buy tickets at the show can be very long.
  • Follow the show's Facebook page for updates and information.
  • The bigger shows often have a digital (online) guide available in the week leading up to the show. This will include the highlights of the show, a map, an exhibitor list, seminar timetables etc.
  • Make a list of all the exhibits/seminars you want to see so that you don’t forget any.
  • Pick up a printed map and handbook from the front gate so you can navigate your way around the show easily.


What to bring 

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. The bigger shows are spread over quite a distance and you’ll be on your feet for much of the day. Comfortable shoes make a big difference.
  • Bring a notepad and pen for taking notes.
  • You might also like to take photos and videos of various motorhomes and products. Bring along your phone charger or power bank too as videos can deplete your battery quickly.
  • Dress for the weather. For summer shows, wear sun protection such as a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses as much of the show is outside and not undercover. If it looks like rain, pack a compact umbrella and coat.
  • The queues for food can be very long at lunchtime. Save time and money by bringing your own lunch and water to keep you going.
  • A sturdy bag comes in handy for carrying pamphlets and small purchases.


Do your research 

If you’re a serious buyer and will be looking at motorhomes for sale, it pays to do as much research as you can before the show. If possible, narrow your choice to three or four manufacturers and models. It’s also helpful to write a list of your must-have features and specifications and bring this with you. This way you can spend time looking at motorhomes that really meet your needs, rather than wasting time at the show figuring out which ones don’t.

If you’re still in the early stages of your research, you can use the show as a way to decide what you do and don’t like. Take photos and make notes of the features that appeal to you and use that to narrow down suitable vehicles.

If you’re looking at ex-rental motorhomes for sale, be sure to check out RV Super Centre’s range. We’re hard to miss at the big shows – just look for the big green signs and the friendly team waiting to help. We can talk through the pros and cons of buying an ex-rental motorhome and help find the right one for you (at a great price too!).


Stock up on accessories 

Motorhome shows are a great opportunity to stock up on RV accessories. Look out for the big RV Super Centre stand. From bike racks and RV parts to cookware and outdoor camping supplies, we’ll have a great range of all the must-haves and nice-to-have motorhome accessories available.

Shows are also a good time to get advice and tips on motorhome accessories. If you’ve always wanted to know more about lithium batteries or the different types of awnings available then this is the place to get the answers. The show stands tend to be a bit quieter later in the afternoon, so this may be a good time to chat with the sales folk on the stand.

Some shows offer a ‘shop and drop’ service where you can leave your purchases, coats and bags. That means you can buy your goods early and not have to carry them around all day.


Know your prices 

Nearly all manufacturers and dealers offer special ‘show prices’ so, if you’re 100 per cent ready to buy, a show can be a great time to sign the contract.

Ensure you know the full retail price of the vehicle so you can compare it to the show special and make sure you’re getting the right deal. If you aren’t quite ready to buy yet, make a note of the ‘show price’ of your preferred motorhome for future negotiations. Some suppliers will honour this price for a period of time afterwards.


Take your time 

It’s virtually impossible to get around a show like the Covi Motorhome Show in one day. If you’re serious about finding the right motorhome and accessories for you at the show, plan to spend more than one day there. This way you can take your time without feeling rushed into a decision.

The busiest times at shows tend to be in the mornings. The quietest time is the afternoon of the last day. However, take note that stock can sell out early, so if you’re ready to buy, you may like to get in early to avoid missing out.


Take notes as you go 

Motorhome shows are busy places. There’s a lot going on, and a lot to see. Having a notebook on hand helps to keep track of things you’ve seen, questions to ask, products to do more research on etc. Remember to pick up business cards and pamphlets as you go too. You may like to make a few notes on these also. To make keeping track even simpler, most smartphones have a note app so you can use this if it’s easier.


Attend seminars 

If you’re new to the motorhoming lifestyle – or you’re just feeling a little weary after being on your feet all day – schedule a seminar or two. It’s a great way to have a break and get some valuable information too.


Mix and mingle 

RV shows are a great opportunity to talk with other motorhomers. If you have your own RV, you may like to take advantage of the event’s rally or ‘park and stay’. There are often hundreds of motorhomers who stay at the event. Those that stay like to share a drink or two in the evening, chat about what’s on offer at the show, and share their advice and tips.


Enter competitions 

Don’t forget to enter some of the great competitions on offer. The Covi Motorhome Show and NZMCA shows usually have fantastic prizes, including overseas RV holidays.


Attend with loved ones 

For most campers and motorhome owners, the joy of the experience is travelling with loved ones. As such, it can be a good idea to take friends and family to the expo to get a second opinion.


Gear up for a successful motorhome show with RV Super Centre 

We hope our tips have helped you feel ready for the next motorhome show. If you’re keen to do a little research in the meantime, why not take a look through RV Super Centre’s range of new and used motorhomes and motorhome accessories. We also have other helpful guides that can help you make important buying decisions. And when you’re ready to hit the road, we can help you with plenty of great travel inspiration.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

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