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Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 27 February 2017


Wherever you plan to go with your RV, no matter how long you plan to get off the grid, there are two things that you should never neglect before you leave home. As say the old adage, first is safety, not far behind is comfort. Here are a few must have items and pieces of equipment you can’t start a start a trip without:

  1. POWER ADAPTORS: power adaptors allow you to safely and easily connect your RV or caravan to a regular 10A home style power point. We prefer a power lead with an integrated circuit breaker to prevent overload and to minimize the potential for electric shocks.
  2. LEVELLERS: every RV needs a good set of levellers, mainly for the comfort of the occupants (sleeping with your head in a downward slope in uncomfortable) and to meet the requirements of the refrigerator. If you fridge is not level, it will not function properly. The main factor in your choice of levellers will be the maximum weight they can support.
  3. LPG & CO GAS ALARMS: also known as the "Silent Killer", Carbon Monoxide is the byproduct of incomplete combustion of LP-gas resulting from malfunctioning appliances. Place your CO detectors close to your main gas appliances at eye-level. LPG being heavier than air, LPG detectors needs to be installed just above ground level.
  4. SMOKE & HEAT DETECTORS: the latest RVs come equipped with smoke detectors. But if your vehicle is older or if you're restoring a classic motorhome, we recommend you opt for dual-sensor detector. An ionization sensor will pick up particles of combustion while photoelectric sensors will detect electrical shorts. Remember to check the detectors batteries regularly!
  5. FRESH WATER HOSE: this is the link between your source of water and your RV. The quality of your fresh water hose will significantly impact on the quality and taste of your drinking water. Standard garden hose leach chemicals into the water that create unpleasant taste to the water and could place your health at risk. A high pressure hose made from food-grade material with brass connectors will deliver clean water and prevent leak hazards.  A coiled-up hose will help you save some space in your lockers.
  6. TOILET MAINTENANCE: keeping your RV's toilet clean and fresh is essential to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and bad odours. Many toilet chemicals are available to disinfect and clean your tanks. Using toilet bowl liners and toilet paper especially designed for use in RVs will improve the performance of your vehicle's septic system.

Let's hit the nail on the head on last time. Safety and sanity in your RV is paramount, for yourself and for people who camp around you. A safe vehicle and piece of mind will greatly improve your time on the road. 


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Been there done that

27 February 2017
It's good having you people there @Albany for all our needs. The AB's. Alan & Ann Bennett.

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