What is the best awning for caravans and motorhomes?

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 11 January 2023


A campervan or caravan awning is one of those must-have motorhome accessories that can transform your holiday experience. Not only do they provide weather protection and shelter, but they also help create a relaxing outdoor living area. But with so many different types of awnings on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is best for your RV. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the factors to consider to help you choose the best awning. Some of the helpful information we’ll share includes:



Tips for choosing the best awning for your caravan or motorhome

When choosing a caravan awning or campervan awning, you’ll want to make sure it ticks all of the right boxes. The best awning for your travel lifestyle may differ from someone else’s. Here are some key things to take into account when choosing an awning:


Don’t scrimp on quality 

If you are looking for a campervan or caravan awning that will stand the test of time, it’s worth investing in a quality brand you can trust. This is especially important if you are going to be using it frequently and want it to last.

RV Super Centre has a wide range of awnings to fit every type of campervan, caravan, and motorhome. We only stock quality, trusted brands of awnings such as Fiamma, Thule, Vango, Dometic, Coast RV and Camec.


Consider what you’ll be using the awning for 

One of the first questions you’ll need to answer when deciding which campervan awning is right for you is about what you’ll use it for. For example, do you want an awning primarily for providing shade? In this case, a wall- or roof-mounted cassette awning could be a good option. Or do you want an awning that will create an extra living space or storage space, such as a privacy room. This will help you determine the size and type of awning that is right for you.


Think about the storage you have available 

Next on your list of questions to answer is how much storage space you have available for your awning. Or, in fact, whether you need storage space at all.

Some awnings are wall-mounted or roof-mounted, meaning they won’t require interior storage space. This type of awning is permanently mounted to the exterior of your campervan in a storage cassette. You simply set them up when needed, and they retract away again when you’re ready to drive off into the sunset. Cassette awnings are best for those looking mainly for sun protection and shade.

On the other hand, drive-away inflatable awnings, bag awnings, and privacy rooms will need to be stored within your caravan or motorhome. If you’ve got a sizeable garage on your motorhome or plenty of exterior storage lockers, these awnings could be a good option. But if you are short on space, you’ll need to consider whether storage of your awning could become problematic.


Measure the size of your campervan or caravan 

One of the most important factors that will determine which campervan awning you choose is actually the size of your RV. To do this, you’ll need to take accurate measurements.

  • For wall-mounted awnings (or awning rails), measure the section of uninterrupted flat wall space above the door.
  • For roof-mounted awnings, measure the section of straight uninterrupted roof just above the side of the vehicle. (e.g. before the edges start curving for the front/back of the vehicle).

In both cases, it is recommended that awnings be no longer than the vehicle’s wall space. This way, if a privacy room or inflatable awning are attached, there is a ‘back wall’ for the entire length of the awning.


Factor in the set-up process 

Depending on the type of campervan awning you choose, you may need to ensure you have a travel buddy to help set it up. Some awnings, such as inflatable models, are a two-person job. Others, such as electric wall-mounted awnings, can easily be set up with one person. So, if you plan to travel solo, you’ll need to factor this into your decision about which campervan awning is the best for you.


Take material into account 

Another consideration when choosing a caravan awning is the type of material it is made from. You’ll want to check that the awning is constructed with long-lasting, durable fabrics that offer water resistance. Vinyl fabrics are a great option, as they are waterproof, fire retardant, and easy to clean. Some awnings are made with acrylic. Because acrylic is water resistant but not waterproof, it may not be ideal for winter. In saying that, acrylic is still a good option for the summer months.


Choose an awning technology that best suits your lifestyle 

Considering a wall-mounted or roof-mounted cassette awning? Bear in mind that if you like to travel in areas with limited access to power, an electric model may not be the best option. You may be better suited to a manual wind-out model instead. However, if you have physical restrictions, an electric awning will be a great help.


Top picks for caravan and motorhome awnings

Check out some of our best-selling awnings at RV Super Centre and find out why they are so popular.


Best wall-mounted caravan and motorhome awning 

With its ability to be operated by a single person, the Fiamma F45S awning is super easy to set up. The awning is enclosed in a solid case when stowed. With no hardware running down the side of the vehicle, it’s ideal for use on campervans, motorhomes or any vehicle with a vertically curved wall. Some of the other great features of this awning include:

  • two tracks in the lead bar allowing even more room for accessories
  • one-way drive to provide a perfect close every time
  • reinforced arms with 3.5 mm cables provide a fabric tension of up to 32 kg
  • hardwearing and UV-resistant canopy with anti-scratch coating on both sides.


Best inflatable caravan and motorhome awning 

Decided that an inflatable caravan awning is right for you? We can recommend the Kampa Dometic Rally Air Pro 200S Inflatable Awning. This tough, lightweight awning is constructed of Weathershield™ pro double-coated polyester fabric with crystal clear windows. It’s easy to set up too, thanks to its single-point inflation frame technology. Some of the other great features of this awning include:

  • an adjustable multi-height system to allow the awning to fit both caravans and motorhomes
  • generous dimensions to maximise the liveable space of your pitch
  • zip-out front panels
  • apex ventilation to increase air circulation and reduce condensation.


Best roof-mounted awning caravan and motorhome awning 

One of our most popular roof-mounted caravan and campervan awnings is the 2.9 metre Fiamma F80S Roof Awning. Modern and compact, this awning is housed in an aluminium casing which provides extra strength while remaining lightweight. The design of the Fiamma F80S means it can follow the contours of modern motorhomes and caravans. It also looks sleek, unobtrusive and tidy. Some of the other great features of this awning include:

  • a triple guide lead bar to allow multiple accessories to be fitted
  • dual LED predefined housing for an optional LED strip kit and motor kit
  • aluminium end caps for maximum strength
  • wider, reinforced, and articulated arms with double steel cable for optimal tensioning
  • secure locking – the legs can be fixed to the ground or the wall, and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted.


Accessories that make your caravan or motorhome awning even better

RV Super Centre also stocks a comprehensive range of motorhome accessories and RV awning parts such as rafters, privacy screens, tie-down kits, and more.



Awning rafters are designed to help keep your awning fabric taut and provide additional reinforcement. If your awning is 4.5 metres or less, a rafter is an important means of support. Rafters can be either straight or curved to suit your particular type of awning.


Sunscreen / Privacy 

When the heat of the sun gets a bit too much to bear, a sun screen is a great summer accessory to add to your awning. Sunscreens can also provide some much-need privacy too.


Wind / Rain blocker 

A wind/rain blocker is one of those ‘must-have’ motorhome accessories for winter! Simply attach it to your campervan awning, and you can still enjoy relaxing outdoors even when the weather turns.


Ready to find the best caravan or motorhome awning?

Now that you know some of the key factors to consider when choosing a caravan or campervan awning, it’s time to get shopping! RV Super Centre is your one-stop shop to find caravan awnings for sale and stock up on RV awning parts. And if you still have questions about which awning is right for you, the experts at your local RV Super Centre are always happy to help!

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