Ultimate Guide To Motorhome Ovens, Hobs And Cookers

Author: Your RV Good Guide   Date Posted: 8 September 2022


One of the great benefits of travelling by motorhome is being able to prepare your own tasty meals. Even the most basic of homemade meals taste so much better when you’re parked up somewhere scenic in the fresh air!

Most RVs include a selection of cooking gear including a motorhome oven, hobs, cookers, and a microwave oven. By putting these to good use, you’ll not only save money, but you and your family can enjoy all your favourite meals served when you like – where you like. Nothing beats waking up to a batch of hot pancakes or bacon and eggs for brekkie!

Cooking together while travelling can also be a fun family activity and a great opportunity for kids to learn some basic cooking skills.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this handy blog which looks at the different types of RV ovens, hobs, and cookware.


Types of motorhome ovens, hobs, and cookware 

Just as there are many options of cookware for your home, there are also numerous different types, brands, and sizes of motorhome ovens, campervan stoves, hobs, and cookware. Which one is best for you will depend on the type of motorhome or campervan you have, the amount of space available, your personal preference, how often – and for how long – you travel.

Nearly all the options for motorhome ovens, stoves, hobs, and cookware will fall into either the gas or electricity category. Let’s take a closer look at each.



There are a number of benefits to having a motorhome oven or hob that runs on gas (LPG). Many top chefs actually prefer cooking with gas as you are more easily able to control the cooking heat. Cooking with gas also allows you to char meat and other foods to bring out a great tasty flavour that isn’t always possible when cooking with electricity.

Gas cooking appliances are convenient because they heat up and cool down faster than an electric alternative. Pre-heating and cooking are generally faster too. This can mean gas is more efficient than electricity, depending on what you’re cooking.

An RV gas stove, hob, or cooker is also very convenient if you have other appliances already running on gas, like your heating for example.

The gas used for cooking in your motorhome is stored in a gas bottle in the external storage unit. Obviously, that means you’ll need to refill your gas bottles as needed. Bear this in mind if you’re going to spend a lot of time away from townships where you can get a refill.



Although gas isn’t dangerous if appropriately handled, electricity is often seen as the safer option when it comes to motorhome ovens, hobs, and cookers.

Whereas cooking with gas releases moisture, electric power is known for having a dry and even heat, making it great for baking and roasting.

For motorhome owners who prefer to stay at powered sites regularly, cooking with electric appliances can be a really convenient option. Just plug in and you’ve got power ‘on tap’ which means not having to worry about running out of gas or needing to limit cooking time.

Cooking with electricity can also be a preferred option if you have a well-set-up solar panel system.


Considerations when choosing a motorhome oven, hob, or cooker 

You don’t have to be a master chef to create tasty meals while you’re travelling. But it does help to have the right gear onboard! Whatever kind of cook you are, your motorhome oven and hob are essential items and ones you’ll likely use often. So, it’s worth spending a bit of time researching your options. Here are a few questions that can help you decide on the ideal motorhome stove, hob, or cooker:

How often will you use your oven or hob?

How many people will you be cooking for?

Do you cook mainly on a hob, in an oven, or a bit of both?

Do you often cook large items such as roasts or big pasta dishes?

Where will your motorhome oven or cooker be located?

Do you prefer to cook with gas or electricity?

Oven, hob, and cookware options at RV Super Centre 


RV Super Centre has a great selection of motorhome ovens, hobs, and cookers. Whether you’re a toast-and-eggs kind of cook, or you love spending hours preparing culinary creations, we’ve got the cooking gear to fit your style and budget.

From two-burner hobs to all-in-one units that include an oven, grill, and hob, our range of multi-functional kitchen appliances are all tested to New Zealand's highest safety standards.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our trusted brands:



Designed and manufactured in Italy, the CAN range of motorhome hobs are renowned for their quality, practicality, compactness, and safety. For those with compact spaces, CAN’s single burner hobs and double burner hobs are a great option. CAN also offer a range of hob/sink combination units.



From roast meals and gourmet pizzas to sizzling steaks and tasty desserts, you’ll have no trouble cooking them all with the Challenger range of gas ovens and burner hobs. Challenger has an appliance for every cooking style, from the Domino one-burner hob – perfect for compact spaces, to the Challenger Moa –the ultimate multi-purpose motorhome oven with a five-burner hob.



With a long history of creating market-leading products for motorhome and outdoor use, Dometic’s RV ovens and hobs are trusted across the globe. Fire up your pot of pasta with a Dometic two-burner hob, or whip up a three-course special with the Dometic oven/grill with a four-burner cooktop.

Dometic also has a selection of space-saving slide-out kitchens which include a sink three-burner cooktop, and a chopping board.



Heading to the beach or park and want to cook up a picnic lunch? The Gasmate Travelmate twin stove with hotplate is ideal for doing just that. This handy cooker uses a butane canister for cooking and comes with a reversible, non-stick aluminium hotplate.



Heat up your leftovers, whip up breakfast, or create a tasty meal with the 12V Rovin Portable Lunch Stove. This compact cooker plugs into 12V power and quickly heats up for convenient cooking.



Whether you’re travelling by motorhome, campervan, or caravan, having a quality cooktop on board is a must-have. The Suburban three-burner gas cooktop is easy to use, built from stainless steel, and includes a glass lid to create extra benchtop space when not in use.



From motorhome oven racks and trays to minigrills and oven/grill and hob combos, the Thetford range has a product to suit every motorhome traveller. Thetford cooking products are designed to feel just like you’re cooking at home. They use the highest quality materials and, like all appliances at RV Super Centre, are thoroughly safety tested.



Designed and manufactured in Finland, the Wallas range of ceramic cooktops, heat blower cooktops, and diesel motorhome ovens offer the ultimate in home-away-from-home cooking. Wallas products are made with 95% recycled materials and 95% of each unit can be recycled after use.


How to install a new oven in your motorhome 

Although you may be able to carry out some smaller motorhome modifications yourself, it’s recommended that installation of an electric campervan stove, hob, or cooker is left to a professional. If you’re having a gas motorhome stove (or any gas appliance) installed, it must be done by a licensed gasfitter.

To get your campervan stove, RV gas oven, or RV gill installed professionally and safely, have a chat with the friendly team at your local RV Super Centre.


Safety when using an oven in your motorhome 

Just as when you’re cooking at home, you need to keep safety top of mind when cooking in your motorhome.

Although electric cooking appliances are seen as the safer option over gas, you still need to be careful to turn equipment off after use and beware of leaving things on hot stovetops.

Having a well-stocked first-aid kit on board just in case of an accidental cut or burn while you’re cooking is a good idea. It’s also wise to have basic safety gear onboard such as:


Frequently asked questions 

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about using or installing a motorhome oven, RV stove, RV gas oven, or campervan stove.

Can you put an electric oven in an RV? 

Yes! Cooking with an electric oven is a popular choice for many motorhome travellers. However, it’s important to note that you can only install an oven or stove that is purpose-built for an RV or motorhome.

Installing a regular electric oven can cause safety issues and may not work well with 12V or 240V power

What kind of oven does an RV use? 

There are many kinds of ovens that are suitable for a motorhome. Depending on what you regularly cook, you may prefer an oven/grill and hob combo. These are available in a variety of sizes.

If you don’t cook much, or perhaps only heat up food, a portable cooker or microwave oven could be all you need.

Want to cook up a storm in your motorhome? 

Ready to enjoy all the great benefits of cooking tasty meals in your motorhome? Now that you know a bit more about the range of campervan stoves, RV grills, hobs, and combo cookers available, you’ll have a better idea about which one is right for you.

Need to know more? Call into your local RV Super Centre to take a closer look at the options available and have a chat with our friendly team who can answer any questions you may have.

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