Fresh, grey and black waters

Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 2 January 2017


Fresh, grey or black waters - What is the difference?

Every self-contained motorhome has both a clean water system and a waste water system. The clean water is also called fresh water or potable water. The waste water is also referred to as black water and gray water:

  • Everything that goes down the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink and your shower is called grey water.
  • Everything that gets flushed down the toilet is called black water.

We have the same kind of waste water in a typical domestic stick home. But instead of sending your waste down to the city sewer treatment plant each time you rinse a dish or flsuh the toilet, in an RV you are sending that byproduct into a holding tank underneath your feet. And if you’re not careful, that holding tank can collect hazardous bacteria, attracts bugs, etc.

Where to get rid off your waste waters?

It is important to dispose of ALL waste water and toilet waste responsibly. Dump stations are is a small facilities designed to protect public health and the environment by ensuring the proper disposal of wastewater from recreational vehicles. Dump stations are located in camp grounds and various tourist site locations throughout New Zealand.

Please visit the Motorhomes Caravans & Destination website for a full list of public dump stations in New Zealand.

How to empty your RV toilet cassette?

If it is your firt trip in a motorhome and you are not sure how to use a dump station the NZMCA has detailed information to help you.


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