Classic NZ Car Seat Cover - Long Wool Sand

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Enjoy year round comfort with these luxurious sheepskin car seat covers. Made from carefully selected sheepskin these are a universal fit for standard car seats and are designed to not affect side airbags. Designed to go over the car seat headrest and using easy-fit Velcro fittings under the seat to hold them in place these covers are easy to put on. They are also very simple to remove for cleaning. A synthetic fun fur back goes over the rear of the headrest which helps keep the seat cover in place. This material has a slight stretch to fit a variety of standard headrests. It also has a natural look and feel.

Sheepskin car seat covers are perfect for old cars, new cars and everything in between. They help preserve the upholstery and stop it getting damaged by the sun or constant wear. They bring comfort and support back to well-worn car seats. The air circulates through sheepskin so these are perfect for hot climates, especially covering leather seats. Sheepskin is also warming and very comfortable perfect for long drives or simply tripping around town.

Size: Total length 130cm, (seat back 76cm, seat length 54cm) and width (at seat join) 60cm and sold individually.

*Style of Cover seen in first Image second Image shows indication of colour 


When washing sheepskin there are a few main factors to be aware of. Incorrect washing can cause the sheepskin to de-tan and if this happens they will have to be thrown out. To avoid this please follow these strict instructions.

  • Only use a small amount of an approved Neutral or Mild Sheepskin Wash. If unavailable, then just use water.
  • Do not use any Bleach, Detergents or Enzyme Washing Products!
  • Only use cold water.
  • Avoid Direct Heat when drying, dry outside in the shade or inside away from heaters, radiators or fires. Using a clothes rack to lay the sheepskin flat is a good way to dry a skin.
  • Do not let the sheepskin dry out too fast, it is best to leave a small amount of moisture in the skin.
  • After the sheepskin is dry, brush with a pet brush to restore pile and finish with a solid shake.
  • Avoid getting moisture on footwear as this can stain. If footwear does need cleaning it is best spot cleaned, using a small amount of liquid and a cloth. Follow the rules above and treat like you would cleaning carpet.

Barcode # 9414584507116
Brand Classic NZ
SKU 9414584507116

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