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Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 25 July 2017

Let’s admit it, watching your favourite program on TV is a great way to relax and unwind, even when freedom camping in your RV. It’s important for you to understand the different technologies that allow to turn on the TV and enjoy a good quality image ...

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Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 26 June 2017

We all know that there is a peak season and a low season for RVing. Warm long days are the best to enjoy life on the road and make the most of your camp site’s surroundings. This said, given the investment that owning an RV represent, everybody wishes ...

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Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 11 May 2017

Autumn has started and that means RV season is starting to wind down. New Zealand has already been hit by heavy rains this month, the cold weather draws near and snow is practically within sight in the coldest part of the country ...

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Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 20 April 2017

The RV Super Centre is celebrating Autumn with a massive Autumn Expo on Saturday 6th May ...

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