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Author: The Motor Caravanner   Date Posted: 15 February 2017


NZMCA members Keith and Gwen Giles are happy campers after they took advantage of the KEA Breeze Flex Plan to upgrade their Motorhome.

Like many first time motorhome owners, Keith and Gwen's first purchase was an older vehicle with high mileage. They'd owned a caravan since 2006 but in 2014 they dipped their toes in the motorhome market with the purchase of Mercedes, an ex-rental from KEA they bought from Tourism Holdings Limited (thl).

"We felt a motorhome would be a lot more convenient than caravan and so it's proved," says Keith. "The biggest difference is the ease of going away anywhere. One example is that we don't have to cart chilly bins and ice around with us like we used to do. It might sound like little thing but it's made a big difference".

At the start of last year, the Giles heard about the new KEA Breeze Flex Plan and they jumped at the opportunity to trade in their Mercedes for an as-new late model camper with very low mileage.

"It only had 15,000 kilometres on the clock when we picked it up and it looked and smelt brand new," says Keith. "Everything worked fine and we've had no problems with it.

"The Breeze Flex Plan was great for us. We put our name and deposit down for the vehicle at the start of last year. The vehicle wasn't available straight away but we were happy to wait."

The reason the Giles' vehicle wasn't available straight away was thl used it as a rental vehicle during the busy summer season. When the Giles picked up the motorhome in April last year they were delighted with their decision.



"It's slightly smaller than the Mercedes, but that suited us. It was exactly the sort of vehicle we were looking for. We don't like large vehicles because as you get older they're not so easy to manoeuvre. The Breeze is just over six metres long which allows you to get into any carpark

 "It's got a much more modern layout with a drop-down bed which gives you full uninterrupted access to the lounge. We also opted for swivel seats in the front and they're a great idea. It makes it much more sociable if you have people over to visit. You can all talk to each other without turning your back on them.

Keith says: "We haven't done a lot of big trips in it yet but we are travelling to the South Island in February and we're looking forward to that. It will be really reassuring to do a big trip like that in a newer vehicle."

Another bonus is the fact that the Breeze only requires a WOF instead of a COF like the Mercedes. You need to get a COF every six months and that costs $150, provided there's nothing wrong of course. But it's not just the cost, it's more the hassle.

"Our Breeze is a new vehicle so we don't need another WOF for three years. Also because it has a Warranty Of Fitness we can do 100km/h on the road unlike motorhomes with a Certificate Of Fitness which are supposed to stick to a 90km/h speed limit."

The Breeze is built on an LDV base and comes with a 3 year/100,000kms warranty from LDV as well as 3-year warranty from KEA for the exterior and a 1-year warranty for the interior and appliances.

"LDV is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vans in the world and it's got a reputation for reliability," says Keith. "In theory our motorhome should last a lot longer than car. It's really easy to service and source spare parts and that means a lot to us.”

As seen in the The Motor Caravanner – Issue 325 February/March 2017. 


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