How To Redeem RV Pass Points

How To Redeem Your RV Pass Points.


After your first purchase, you will be sent an email with your voucher code and a secret code (keep this in a safe place for future use).  At checkout you will get the option to redeem your credit/points.

To access the voucher credit via our website you will be required enter the codes that will be similar to below:

Voucher number:



And a secret code:



Enter the voucher and secret codes at checkout in step 3 as below:


You will then have the amount of credit applied to your order.  If there‚Äôs anything left owing after that, you simply need to use your credit card to complete your purchase.


At anytime you can call us for an update or you can simply log on to your RV Pass account to check out your balance.

Call us on 0800 52 00 55 if you would like to understand more about the RV Pass Programme.