Fire Gone Aerosol Fire Suppressant 454g

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Simply put, Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant is an aerosol can that suppresses fires when the trigger is activated.  It is much more practical than traditional fire extinguishers because it is lightweight, portable and user friendly making small fires easy to extinguish rapidly and safely.  Additionally, Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant is biodegradable and easy to clean up. Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant works in a unique and ingenious way using a new and proprietary technology.  It delivers formulated molecules to create a vapor suppressing aqueous film seal for rapid control of fires while blocking the release of fuel vapor. Fire Gone™ Formulation then encapsulates the fire itself while forming a foam blanket that floats on the exterior of the ignited material thereby starving it of oxygen.


Benefits & Features

  • Effective on:

    • Class A - Wood Straw, Hay, Cotton, Tires, Fabric, Paper

    • Class B - Gasoline/Diesel, Fuels

    • Class C - Electrical Equipment Fires

    • Class K - Grease, Cooking Oils, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fats

  • Forms a vapor suppressing aqueous film on hydrocarbon type fuels or a polymeric membrane on polar solvent/water miscible type fuel which starves fire of oxygen

  •  Environmentally safe and biodegradable

  •  Cleans up easily with a damp cloth and a sponge

  • Easy to use - Simply pull the tab and spray

  • Shoots up to 20 sec

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Single use, replace after usage

  • 4 year shelf life


IMPORTANT: This is not a replacement for a fire extinguisher. This product is meant to be used where a full sized fire extinguisher can't be stored or as an addition to your fire extinguisher!
Do not try to contain or put out the fire if it would put you in danger. Leave your house, RV, area of danger and call 111 immediately. Click here for instructions on what to do in a house fire.

Barcode # 752080007102
Brand Fire Gone
SKU 752080007102

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