Nifty Inflatable Boats

Author: Malcolm Street   Date Posted: 22 May 2018


A dilemma for many a motorhome or caravan owner who is keen on fishing is the lack of a boat, or more likely the lack of the ability to tow a boat. A terrific solution to this little problem is available from the RV Super Centre in the form of a Niftyboat Inflatable, which is available in a variety of colours from the more discrete Camo to a very bright yellow.

When inflated the Niftyboat has a length of 3650mm and can easily carry one to three people, all wearing life jackets of course. Two alloy shaft oars are supplied but if a little less rowing effort is needed, then a 5hp outboard motor can be easily fitted to the transom in the rear. Two fishing rod holders are provided as a standard feature, as are two alloy bench seats. Also supplied with the inflatable are a foot pump, repair kit and the carry bag.

From a transport point of view, it’s two advantages are that it weighs just 30kg and can easily be fitted into the large carry bag that measures 920mm long x 500mm wide and 550mm high. Ideal for fishing, diving, hunting or simply just peaceful exploration.

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Nifty inflatable boat


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