The Wonders of Duvalay Sleeping Systems

Author: RV Super Centre   Date Posted: 8 March 2017



Back in the days, hitting the open road and the freedom it provides could be troubled by the insomnia and back-pain, the perfect leisure environment was regularly compromised by a frustratingly uncomfortable bed.

In 2003, after decades of discomfort and dissatisfied with the quality and value of existing caravan bedding products, the husband-and-wife team of Liz and Alan Colleran hit upon the idea of an innovative, superior, comfort-enhancing mattress-topper. They created exactly that and the ‘Duvalay’ was born!

The Duvalay story rocketed to fame in 2011 when Liz and Alan along with their much-loved, heroic flagship product, the Duvalay memory foam sleeping bag, embarked upon a nerve-wracking journey to the Dragons' Den. Their TV appearance led to UK wide brand-awareness as well as a business-boosting investment by 'Dragon' and Pall-Ex empire founder, Hilary Devey.


A Duvalay is essentially two sheet-formed 'pockets' stitched together: one pocket houses a quality memory-foam mattress. It is the special memory foam in the product that ensures a lightweight product with the benefit of ‘sleep-filled’ comfort.

Each Duvalay has a single mattress, but the doona pocket is twice as wide as the mattress, meaning there's ample doona width to provide the warm coverage we all covert. Two Duvalays can be laid side by side, making a Double-Duvalay.




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