Adventure With Rosy 2.0 - Episode 3 - First Adventure

Author: Bronson Dredge   Date Posted: 13 December 2017


In the previous episode of Adventure with Rosy, Bronson and Chelsea Dredge packed all their belongings into their new second-hand RV. They are now ready to leave on their first trip on board on Rosy 2.0, in direction of Clarks Beach and Muriwai Beach.

We shared with these 3 nice videos Bronson put together as we believe his work gives a great insight into what you can expect to do when you get the keys to your RV, and into what it's like to buy and pick up an from the RV Super Centre.

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Adventure with rosy 2.0 - Episode 3 - First Adventure

  • All right, time for a first adventure. We are on our way to Clarks Beach tonight, Auckland tomorrow. It's my grandfather's 90th birthday so a good excuse to get out of town and head up to Auckland. We have just stopped in Matamata for a quick lunch break, let the dogs stretched their legs and we'll back on the road.
  • This is our home for the night. We are staying at the Clarks Beach motor camp. It's our first night away in the Rosie so we thought we'd stay at a campground rather than freedom camping or boondocking just in case something goes strange like the shower doesn't work or the toilet stops working.
  • Here we are about to feeds the kid and then we're gonna check the beach out.
  • Good morning. We had a really great night last night. Rosy 2.0 has a really comfortable bed, which is good. Except for the dog waking me up at 3:00 in the morning.
  • We are going to head into Auckland city today for my grandfather's birthday, but first coffee.
  • Here we are in Auckland. I just pulled into the rest home, I found a good spot to park the motorhome with the dogs out of the way hopefully. We're about 10 minutes late, now we're going to try to find out where this party is.
  • We've left the hustle and bustle of Auckland, come up to Muriwai Beach for the night, got the squad here, my brother and his girlfriend came up for the night. We're about to check the beach out and lit up the barbecue.
  • Thanks for joining us on our first adventure in rosy 2.0. All in all, it went quite well I think. No issues with the new camper and everything seemed to work. We've got a few more adventures coming this side of Christmas so stay tuned for those.

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