Adventure With Rosy 2.0 - Episode 1

Author: Bronson Dredge   Date Posted: 29 November 2017


Bronson and Chelsea Bronson recently sold their old bus and just picked their new motorhome - Rosy 2.0 - from the RV Super Centre in Albany. In this episode of Adventure With Rosy, they give you a sneak peek of their new Beach RV.


Adventure with rosy 2.0 - Episode 1

  • Alright guys, so that time has come, we have just picked up the new Rosie – Rosie 2.0 as I'm calling it. Take a look!
  • Now I know what you're thinking. She looks like an ex-rental and that's because Rosie, well, she is an ex-rental. Rosie is a 2010 Volkswagen crafter, New Zealand made.
  • They (THL) rent them out for a few years and basically what it means it's a really affordable way for couples like Chelsea and I to get a newer four berth motorhome.
  • Old Rosie - the bus - was 1995. This is a little bit newer, has a little bit more space in the back and more storage. Space is the main plus for our circus, as our family grows we've got room to grow. We've now got the double bed up will the Luton as they call it up above the cab and also the back falls down into a bed as well.
  • Alright, guys well that's all you're going to see of Rosie today, a little bit of a sneak peak. We've got to start the journey back from Auckland. We've got to give it a good clean, get all the stuff back in that we took out of the old Rosie and then we're off on our first adventure. So in a few days time, we will be off for our first night-stay in Rosie.
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