Adventure With Rosy 2.0 - Episode 2 - Packing Rosy

Author: Bronson Dredge   Date Posted: 10 December 2017


After recently picking up their new Beach RV, Bronson and Chelsea Dredge are now packing it up with all the accessories they need to travel comfortably with their child and pets. It's time to see if the 4 berth RV has enough storage space ...


Adventure with rosy 2.0 - Episode 2 - Packing Rosy

  • So the plan today is to try and fit this all into the new Rosie.
  • Now I know, it looks like a lot of stuff but once you get your pots, pans and cups that sort of things in, plus everything you need for taking a kid out of the house, it's really not that much stuff.
  • One of the beautiful things about this motorhome is there's tons of storage inside.
  • So no more baskets and boxes of kids clothing and nappies and that sort of thing sitting around.It'll all be nicely behind cupboard doors.
  • I'm pleasantly surprised with how much room we had in here actually. We've got a couple of cupboards that are empty with nothing much in them.
  • A lot of the cupboards under the seats is empty. There is nothing in the under-seat storage either so that's awesome.
  • We have more room than we were expecting. It's really good. Everything is in its home.
  • I'm sure things will change over time as we find out what rattles when we travel. And what's annoying and what we can sort of move around to improve the flow a bit better.
  • The last thing to do now is that we've got a few stickers to stick on the bus. A couple of Facebook groups we're members of gave us an awesome sticker.
  • We got stickers from the people at If you've never heard of bus life before, I'm surprised and you should check them out. I'll link them down the description below. They are a family in New Zealand who's just making awesome content as they travel around this beautiful country. So if you haven't checked them out definitely do that. It's an awesome channel. I take heaps of inspiration from that channel.
  • The final thing we need to do is put the NZMCA wings on the bus. That's the motorhome association here in New Zealand which we are members of. They send you a sticker, red wings that almost looks like the Quidditch Snitch in Harry Potter. Yeah, I wonder if Harry Potter stole that off the NZMCA.
  • So I need to stick that up on the top of the Luton. I need to go and borrow my dad's ladder to do that because I don't have a ladder and it's a bit higher than I can reach using a chair.
  • Once those final few things are done, we'll be all set for our trip tomorrow.
  • Well, that's it for packing. We're now ready to go tomorrow morning around lunchtime just south of Auckland to Clarke's beach. And then we'll head into the city on Saturday.
  • We'll see you in the next video for our first adventure with Rosy.

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